Birth to Five Helpline


Birth to Five Helpline These are unusual and challenging times that we face. Staying connected by having someone to talk with or lend an empathetic ear is more important than ever to our well-being, our families and our community. The Birth to Five Helpline specialists are available for you at 877-705-KIDS (5437)!

We all have a multitude of concerns as our daily lives have changed so much from what our routines were a few weeks ago. Whether we are working from home, working at providing essential services to our community, have children home from school/child care, or we’re looking for childcare, it’s normal to feel uncertain or feel the need for some help. Southwest Human Development’s Birth to Five Helpline specialists can offer support, strategies and resources to assist you and your family.

As parents and caregivers, we can’t help but feel the impact of these changes, yet we must remember that so do our children. They hear the news, or the adult conversations, or pick up on the emotions around them. Our Birth to Five Helpline specialists can help you think about how to talk with your children in a developmentally appropriate way about what is going on in our world and all you are doing to keep them safe.

With many parents and children at home all day, families may need new and different ideas to keep the little ones engaged with content and learning. Consider talking with one of our early childhood specialists to see what fun, age-appropriate activities you can do at home with your child or children. 

And what about the stress of social distancing that you are feeling as you try to find ways to stay active and healthy? Our Birth to Five Helpline specialists can help you think about strategies to support you and your entire family. 

If you are home with a baby during this time of physical distancing and are looking for support about typical baby questions or specific to these unusual times, our Fussy Baby Helpline specialist can come to your home through Zoom, a video technology where our specialist can meet you and your baby virtually. Wherever you live in Arizona, you can reach a Helpline specialist!

Please know that our Birth to Five Helpline early childhood specialists are doing their part to stay abreast of the changing landscape. They are working with our pediatrician consultant and are following the guidelines of the CDC and WHO to bring you reliable and accurate information.

We encourage you to call or text the Birth to Five Helpline at 877-705-KIDS (5437) with questions or concerns about young children and for assistance in finding resources or getting community referrals. The Birth to Five Helpline specialists are speaking with parents, caregivers and professionals about supporting children around the challenges presented by COVID-19 and assisting them with a range of needs during this especially difficult time. Due to the number of calls being handled, you may need to leave a voicemail. Please be sure to leave your name AND phone number on that message and a Helpline specialist will respond as soon as possible. You may also submit questions online at