Ten Toys Under $10 for Toddlers


toys for toddlers

Moms are event planners (be sure to add that to your resume!),days are spent entertaining the most demanding of clients, with a five second attention span and a temper to match. I’m still waiting for someone to create a magical toy that will take up the whole day, but until they do, I’ve compiled a list of toys for toddlers on the cheap that will (hopefully) keep your tiny tot entertained for a couple minutes at the very least.

Balls – it’s an obvious, but balls never seem to lose their excitement. For our little one’s first birthday, we purchased several balls for her party and they have been a hit ever since! I especially love the miniature beach balls on Amazon. They come in a pack of 12 for $6.49 which means you can bring them to parks and splash pads and it’s not the end of the world if it gets stolen by a miniature thief (I mean toddler).

toys for toddlers

Bubbles – what is it about bubbles!? If only children would flock to vegetables as easily as they do the bubbles! Bubbles are always an easy and cheap thrill. Here are some of my favorite bubble contraptions

Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine – available for $7.99 on Amazon
Bubble Gun – $8.95 on Amazon
Good old fashion manual bubbles (perfect for play dates) – 12 pack for $9.91 on Amazon

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Blow Up Baby Pool – whether or not you have your own pool, investing in a blow up baby pool may help your stress level and allow your little one some freedom. A blow up baby pool can serve two purposes: a water activity and also a ball pit.

Blow Up Baby Pool – $8.48 on Amazon  

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Plastic Baby Pool – along the lines of a baby pool, a plastic baby pool is a great way to create a sand pit on a budget. Just fill it with sand, throw in some toys and you’ve got your very own backyard oasis for baby!

3 Foot Plastic Baby Pool – $4.99 at Toys R Us
Play Sand – $5.10 at Lowes 

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Balloons – this may be the cheapest of them all! Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a balloon filled with helium and your child will think it’s Christmas.

Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Rock-A-Stack – How does the saying go? 1% toy, 99% imagination? These stacking rings prove just that. They have been bracelets, shoes, groceries and endless hours of fun for nearly 8 months now! – $4.49 on Amazon (Add-On Item). 

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Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy – I know this is “technically” for a baby, but this toy has been around since the beginning and doesn’t seem to be losing interest. It’s especially a popular distraction for long car rides. – $6.99 on Amazon 

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Melissa & Doug Pets Wooden Chunky Puzzle – this is a great puzzle for toddlers because the pieces are thick and in addition to learning fine motor skills, can also serve as wooden toys and a way to teach them colors and animals. – I barely made it under the $10 mark, but it comes in at $9.99 on Amazon (Also keep an eye out at Home Goods and on Zulily)

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O Ball 1-Piece Rattle & Roll Car – I don’t know what it is about this car, but it is a hit with the kids! I think it has something to do with the speed (this little guy can move!) and the sound it makes while it’s moving. But no matter what the reason is, it’s only $5.97 on Amazon, so it’s worth a shot! (this is an add-on item).

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Coloring – If you’re eager to start coloring with your little one, start with some jumbo crayons or coloring eggs! It’s easy to grab some computer paper off the printer, tape it down to the high chair or floor and spend some time giving coloring a try!

Jumbo Crayons – $5.96 on Amazon (This is an add-on item)
Egg Shaped Crayons – $7.99 on Amazon

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Do you have any toys for toddlers on the cheap that get you through the day? Share away!