Top 5 Birthday Party Decoration Ideas


I can hardly believe that my sweet lil’ Elsie turned ONE this weekend!!! I really do feel like her real birth-day was just yesterday.

In typical Steph-fashion, Elsie’s birthday called for a little Par-Tay.  There’s nothing I love more than planning a party and when it involves celebrating one of my little girls, it’s a must.

For Elsie’s Birthday Party I hosted a brunch in our backyard. Below you’ll find five of my favorite decoration ideas that we used to make the party extra sweet.

1. Extra Large Balloons from The TomKat Studios.

I {heart} these balloons and I absolutely LOVE this local company, The TomKat Studios. They have the most adorable party supplies. Printables. Balloons. Paper supplies. Straws. Cupcake Liners. So many fun things. Just take a peek around their online store… I dare you.

2. Chalkboard Mirror from Ikea.

This is the one piece that I envisioned having at Elsie’s party from the beginning.  I knew I wanted an ornate white frame to display the party menu.  So I hunted.  And hunted.  And hunted some more.  Thankfully Ikea came to the rescue.  I bought the frame, spray painted it white, attached vinyl chalkboard (found at Hobby Lobby) to the glass and finally wrote the menu with a chalkboard marker.  Looks good, huh?!

3. Personalized Flag Banner.

I designed Elsie’s banner myself but I also love the free printable alphabet that the blog Ruffled has available.  Just. So. Stinkin’. Cute.

4. Striped Paper Straws from The TomKat Studio. 

I told you I loved this site!  It’s amazing how much a cute little straw can add to the all around “feel” of any party.  Make some of Pioneer Woman’s Iced Coffee and these two matched together (the coffee and straw that is) make a perfect combination.

5. DIY Cake Stands

After shopping around for simple white cake stands, I realized that I was going to quickly blow my budget if I didn’t find a way to make them for cheaper.

Thankfully, once again, Ikea came the rescue.  I bought a couple white plates ($2.99/each) and bowls ($1.99/each) to make the stands.  I figured $5/stand was much better than $20+. Add a little Quick Epoxy to attach the bowl to the plate and I had a very quick and easy DIY Cake Stand.

For more detailed instructions of how to make these visit this post.

And that’s it!  Now it’s your turn…

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for a party?  Please do share. 


  1. I love your post. I want to use your mirror idea for my SIL’s baby shower. I agree Tom Kat Studio has awesome party stuff. For my son’s party he turned one in January – I left the Christmas tree up. I decorated it with Red, Blue and Green plain sparkly snowflakes and white/blue foam snowflake frames all from Target. I printed mini pictures of my son from day one and labeled the pictures in Photoshop. It was so cute and everyone loved checking out the different photos.

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