The Silver Lining of Monsoon Season


As someone who grew up in Ohio, I have had share of my rainy days. Though a monsoon may cause more chaos for the valley, the rain still puts a smile on my face. I love the smell of the rain, the cold feeling of drops on my face, and yes the cloudiness! Now….I am not a gloomy person who shuts herself in her home waiting for dreary days to approach….but since these days are typically few and far between, I try to embrace them when they come!

That is until THIS YEAR!

I have now lived in Phoenix for 7 years and have heard about the terrible monsoons, but truly have not felt the back to back days of these storms until lately!CIMG1772

I admit I am getting tired of “shocking” the pool, my middle child’s allergies going berserk, and accommodating 5 people in my bed in the middle of the night due to rain smacking on the windows.

But I am not getting tired of my kids excitement when these storms come rolling in! Actually, I find it funny what they like about the monsoons! So here is the silver lining we all look for!

From the Castle Kids Corner, the top 5 reasons to enjoy this season!

#1) The grassy wash beside our house becomes a pond!

No joke this happens! Birds of all kinds come and float on the murky water. My children all raised here in Phoenix, boast about their waterfront property and brag about how they have pet ducks!

#2) My oldest embraces the “scary movie” weather which puts a warm feeling in my heart!

As someone who adores horror movies and loves a good scare…watching a movie in the dark, while thunder is booming, and rain slaps the windows is ideal! Now before anyone passes judgment….Friday the 13th is not being aired…..I am talking a Goose Bumps episode! But still it is fun!

#3) MUD!

This would be my son’s choice of playing any chance he gets! He jumps in puddles of mud, throws it at his sisters, and makes towers rocks and mud and knocks them down. In general when he is dirty he is happy and after a monsoon he is the happiest!

#4) My middle child LOVES to go “car surfing”!

At least that is what she has labeled this event. I know you mothers know what I am about to say…car surfing…NOT my favorite! The best car surf experience to my daughter is when I am stuck driving down a street, in the lane where the gutters are spewing muddy disgusting water everywhere! My right side of the car is being soaked with the gross water….when a big macho truck goes zooming on the other side of my innocent mini-van. Waves of water hit my van in all directions, causing a total “black out” to the windshield, and a white knuckle gripping Mommy screaming “hold on”…to which my dear Olivia yells “I love car surfing”!

#5) Lastly a favorite of all three of them….UMBRELLAS!

What is it with a child and an umbrella? The idea of pushing a button and making it pop open only to leave a dry vehicle puts such smiles on their faces! They stroll proudly to their classes showing off all the latest umbrella fashions! A simple pleasure enjoyed even in Arizona!

What are you and your family loving about the change in AZ weather? Comment below and share with us!

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Jenny Castle
Jenny Castle has loved living in Arizona for the last 7 years with her husband, Erik and three children (Ava, Olivia and Vaughn…plus Magnus their Yorkiepoo). Jenny occupies her time as a stay at home mother. She is constantly on the go to golf, tennis, music lessons and prides herself on her chauffeuring skills. In her spare time she is always looking for a Date Night with the hubby, Girls Night Out, movies, and any reason to socialize! At home Jenny likes to put together puzzles with Olivia, listen to books written by Ava, and play super heroes with Vaughn. On the off chance the remote is in her hand you will most likely see a reality TV show on….she is a confessed reality show junkie who loves the drama!


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