SMB Contributor Pregnancy Update {with maternity pics by Anna Hollister!}


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On Tuesday we showed you the two most darling newborn in all of Scottsdale – Auggie and Anna Drew, as photographed by Anna Hollister – and today we thought we’d update you on the bellies that remain in the 2012 SMB Pregnancy Extravaganza!

Due next is Cate Johnson, already a mama of four (!) and expecting a baby boy in early December (i.e., SOON!). Cate had the chance to work with Anna Hollister Photography on the day of her baby shower and they caught these gorgeous mom-to-be moments…

Anna Hollister Photography maternity photographer Phoenix, Cate

Anna Hollister Photography maternity Cate

Due up after Cate in early January is Kelly Aaron, one of our new contributors. Kelly has let us in on her pregnancy a little already, with posts about her circumcision decision and her thoughts on getting an epidural. This is baby #3 for Kelly, who has – get this – a teenager and a toddler already at home!

January is going to get a little crazy around these parts. SMB Co-Founder Joy Cherrick AND our Managing Editor Sarah Powers are both due in the second half of the month. Joy is expecting a baby boy and Sarah a baby girl, and this is baby #3 for both families.

Sarah also got the chance to have maternity photos taken with Anna Hollister recently. Here are a couple of favorites from their shoot:

Anna Hollister Photography maternity Sarah

Anna Hollister Photography maternity Sarah Powers

After the January baby-palooza we’ll take just a bit of a breather before helping SMB Co-Founder Steph Flies welcome her third baby (and third GIRL) in March. If you haven’t seen much from Steph around the blog lately it’s because she’s been busy running the City Moms Blog Network, a national network that helps moms around the country set up local blogs just like this one.

Phew! That about covers it. Unless anyone else – on our team or in our community – has a pregnancy announcement they’d like to share…?


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