Baby Registries On Amazon: Top 5 Benefits


Hello Scottsdale mamas. In case you’re new here..wait, wait, thats me. I am so excited to be writing with Scottsdale Moms Blog, and get to know all of you more over time. As my first post here, I thought it was only appropriate to write about what is current and pressing in my life right now. Just this past weekend I had my ‘friends’ baby shower and it was a blast. Since I am a first time mama, I am learning a lot of things along the way {and I’m sure only more is to come!} but I wanted to share a little tip with y’all that I am so glad I found out early.

I registered at Buy Buy Baby and, and Amazon was way easier to me. Here are some of the main reasons why I loved being registered with them:

  1. You can usually find better deals on items through Amazon than you can at big box stores {not specifically Buy Buy Baby}. For the same exact Medela breast pump you get at BBB {$299.99}, you can get it at Amazon for $57 cheaper {$242.99}.  Now, you have to be aware that on Amazon, prices can fluctuate at any given time. Also, BBB accepts Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupons, so depending on your purchase you might be able to use that in the store.
  2. Nothing beats the benefit of the reviews on Amazon. People are incredibly detailed when they write their reviews on products on that site, with some items having 100’s of reviews. On big box stores, you will be lucky if you get 10 reviews for something. I have almost registered/bought an item, only to change my mind to something else based on the 100+ reviews I read.
  3. The convenience of not having to drive to any store! My hubby and I live in Arcadia and we love it. I don’t however love having to drive to north scottsdale to go to BBB or Babies-r-us. The fact that I can sit in my {increasingly bigger and bigger} PJs on the couch and register, or buy for others..that trumps all!
  4. Amazon has an insane amount more variety than any given store. For instance, I really love these glass bottles, and BBB doesn’t carry them. In fact, they only carry one type of glass bottle. You can order so many items from Amazon that you can’t find at one store. I love the fact that I have things on my registry from probably 4 different stores, but its all in one place {list}.
  5. Believe it or not, Amazon has a fabulous return policy..and free shipping options often. All items ordered have a 30 day return policy, and more options after that. Even if you have held on to something way past the return date, you can always try and sell it on Amazon! As for shipping, surprisingly a lot of items offer free shipping. And it not, you can always request a membership to Amazon Mom, or if you are a student you can get a free Prime membership {for 6 months} which gives you free 2-day shipping!
  6. Bonus benefit- you don’t have to walk around a store for 4 hours while trying to remain sane, but secretly freaking out inside over all the gadgets. I luckily registered with my mom at BBB when I was only about 21 weeks pregnant, so my feet didn’t kill too badly. But now, oh gosh- if I tried to do that at 33 weeks..I would just about die.

I hope for anyone out there that is need of setting up a baby registry at least gives Amazon a chance. I have loved my process with it, and I know that my friends and family have also loved not having to go in to a store to buy our little man’s gifts!



  1. My favorite thing about registering on Amazon that you can use the Universal Wishlist button to add things from other sites to your wishlists/registry. It’s great for all those drool-worthy baby things on Etsy!

  2. I’ve been considering Amazon… if you used the universal wishlist, do the items come off your registry when purchased? If not, did you all have problems with duplication?

    • They should come right off when someone purchases from your registry. The universal wishlist is awesome!!

  3. I agree! I loved using Amazon for my baby registry. The #1 benefit for me was the “Thank you” list it keeps for you. You can click on the tab and it shows you the names AND addresses of the people who ordered from your registry. It also shows what they sent you. It is so easy!!!

  4. Another big plus is that you can categorize your list into priorities, ranging from highest to lowest. Also, i’m not sure if they still do it or not but check out “Amazon Mom,” a free prime membership for parents that extends accordingly as you purchase baby items.

    • They do still offer Amazon mom, BUT they only offer it for free for a month or two now..and you usually have to wait to get ‘accepted’ so its not as great of a deal as it used to be! Thanks for the tip though:)

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