Say YES to That Next MNO Invite


Did you just get that Mom’s Night Out Evite asking you out for drinks?  Does saying “yes” to a random invite make your stomach turn? Are you unsure what to expect?  Is it even worth your time? I believe if you say yes to that invite, you will definitely benefit from an evening out of the house.

say yes to the next MNO InviteYou may have many excuses as to why you’re going to say no. Let’s go through those and look at the real benefit of attending.

I don’t know anyone. 

This problem fixes itself. Introduce yourself.  Everyone there is excited to see a new face.  If these moms wanted to only talk their friends, this would be a private event.  Public invites are meant to bring more moms into the loop.

I always leave a MNO meeting someone new, possibly gaining a new Facebook friend or at least having someone new to say hi to in the school hallways.  You are building friendships that have the ability to last the entirety of your child’s school years. Over time, theses moms can be your lifelines, your go-to answer people, and friends.

I have nothing in common with these women.

Motherhood is an instant bond.  Do you both have boys, both have kindergarteners, both have to deal with the pickup line, or just both obsessed with Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram?  You WILL find commonalities with almost everyone there. 

I’m tired.

Getting out of your house and passing meal time or bedtime duties to someone else takes mom work off your plate. Laughter is the best recharger and sharing tips of how to overcome life’s little hurdles will enliven you. Socializing like this should not be work. These evenings are about kicking back and treating yourself!

And dare I say, it feels good to take a night off from being “Mom” and remember what you were like pre-kids!

It’s not worth the babysitting money.

I would argue it definitely is worth any babysitting fees. We all need to vent, and whatever your sitter charges, it has to be much cheaper than a therapist.  These moms know what you’re going through.  It’s healthy to find out that you are not alone in your challenges and that these moms might have some tips.

I’m not as wealthy… don’t have time to be as involved… or whatever… as other mothers.

To assume everyone is there just to brag about their children and lives while making you feel less than is not the point of a MNO.  Moms need each other, and NO ONE is free of problems or things they feel guilty about. If we can build a community of moms from all walks of life, it helps everyone.

So next time you see that invite in your inbox, click “Attending.”  And if you don’t see anything in your box, grab your class list and pick a restaurant and a date and time to create your own event.  You will be glad you did.