5 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session



Boudoir. Does your heart freeze, and your stomach clench at the mere mention of that one word? With a shake of your head you say, “That was something I should’ve done before I had kids.” 

Motherhood is incredible. It will stretch you, force you to grow, bring change, and introduce you to a love more powerful than anything you ever knew existed. Maybe it also changed your body, and the way you feel about yourself. 

Self-conscious, post-baby body, I introduce to you boudoir photography. Sessions can be sweet, sexy, or even sassy. Here are five reasons why I think boudoir photography could be just what moms need to rediscover who they were before baby: 

  1. Step out of your comfort zone – Top knots are cute, and LulaRoe leggings feel like butter, I get it. But trade those everyday essentials for something lacy or sheer, and you will see a new you. You might feel nervous at first, but these photographers are pros. They are invested in helping you remember, refine, or redefine yourself.  
  2. Empowerment – Your body is beautiful, strong, and capable of growing a human. Celebrate that! Stretch marks, mommy tummy’s, belly buttons that are more quarter than dime, bring it on. Your beauty will shine on both the inside and out.   
  3. Celebrate you – You work hard. Paid vacations and leaving the office at five p.m. doesn’t exist in Mommyland. You probably make every meal your children consume, clean every piece of fabric that touches their sweet cheeks, and schedule their social interactions so that they may be well-rounded and learn not to hit Johnny, throw sand at Susie, etc. Get dolled up and do something for yourself.  
  4. A gift to your parter – Imagine the person who loves you most in the world unwrapping a gift like this. Then imagine picking up their jaw off the floor. 
  5. Forget your partner, these are for you – Do it because you can. You’re not ‘just a mom’. You’re still a tennis player, novice bread baker, yoga teacher, terrible cook, mediocre home decorator, master underwater basket weaver, or whatever millions of things you might be. 

Yes, you are a mom, and you love being a mom. Yes, you brought a child into existence and created a ripple effect that will forever impact the world. But you are still you, and that’s a reason to LuLaLose those leggings and let a boudoir photographer get to work. 


  1. What a great read, Jennifer Millican such a wonderful reminder of what is really important. Our bodies really do endure so much.

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