Jennifer Millikin

Mom to a thoughtful boy and an ebullient daughter. Wife to a fast-talking, handsome man who met his match twelve years ago. Author of Full of Fire, The Day He Went Away, and Our Finest Hour. Arizona native and figurative cactus-hugger.

Eliminating the Holiday Chaos: Keys to a More Enjoyable Season

I adore the holidays. The magic, the twinkling lights, the sweaters. Who in Scottsdale doesn’t love getting out their riding boots and pretending it’s cold enough to wear them? But, my love for Christmas...

Pumpkin Roll: Vegan, Gluten-free, and Delicious

Fall is here! (Well, let's pretend.) That means cooler temps and pumpkin flavored everything. Oftentimes, those on a restricted diet can only look, but not touch the pumpkin deliciousness surrounding them. Not anymore! With...

Healthy Valentine’s Day Meals

Valentine's Day is full of sweet treats and delectable goodies, but sometimes we need a break from the sugar rush. I scoured Pinterest and created a list of healthy Valentine's day meals for when...

Visiting Santa’s HQ at Fashion Square, as presented by HGTV

Remember the movie Elf where the mall Santa scene looks like something out of a nightmare? That is not what you'll find if you go to Fashion Square seeking some face time with the...

Teaching Children To Be Thankful

Tis' the season to be thankful! We are blessed beyond measure. Blessed to live in Arizona and have a mild winter. Blessed to have babies we can watch grow. Blessed to live free. But...

When Mom Reality Doesn’t Measure Up To Mom Fantasy.

Mom Fantasy Best. Summer. Ever. We we're going to have three months of Insta-worthy fun. Swimming pool at all hours of the day, glow stick parties, museums, play places, popsicles galore.  Mom Reality Two weeks into summer...

Will your child be new in school? Here’s how to help.

It's never easy to be the new kid. Unfamiliar faces, an unexplored campus, and seemingly strange dynamics all await your child on day one, and they know it. Imagine your child skipping happily into...
desert gardening

Growing a Backyard Garden in the Desert: Part three

The desert garden is growing! It's actually growing! Three weeks ago these plants went in the ground, and now they are huge. Guess why?  Maintenance. Exactly what this third (and final) installment is all about.  Much...

Growing a Backyard Garden in the Desert: Part Two

The planting phase has finally arrived. Huzzah! I thought I'd have it all set by March 1st, but Scottsdale went and had a weird second "winter" and the outside temperature wasn't warm enough to...

Growing a Backyard Garden in the Desert: Part One

Growing a backyard garden in the desert is a tall order. We have inhospitable soil, relentless heat, and water issues. But I have plans. Big plans. I'm taking a forgotten play space and transforming it into...

5 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

Boudoir. Does your heart freeze, and your stomach clench at the mere mention of that one word? With a shake of your head you say, "That was something I should've done before I had kids."  Motherhood...