Kids’ Birthday Themes can be Complicated. Here’s to Hosting with Ease!


I don’t know about you, but my kids are notorious for making me work for their requested birthday themes. Seriously, just about every year one of them has an idea that requires me to get super creative. All I ever want is easy, but that’s not my kids’ life mission. LOL!

Here are my tips on throwing that kind of complicated birthday theme with a little less stress. Maybe you need easy or you’re not that creative type. This is for you!

Pinatas:  The adults are in the back pretending they don’t want a turn at hitting it until each kid has attempted it 3 times. LOL! To be honest I think the mom hosting should get the first few swings at the piñata. They just threw an entire birthday party together and parties can be a lot of work.

Do you want the best piñata ever? It might be kind of a drive but worth it! They also take a while to break so every kid is sure to get a chance to hit the piñata. My favorite place to go is inside Phoenix Marketplace at 67th ave and Thomas. First vendor to the left as you enter the door.








Another great piñata place is Dulceria La Bonita at 35th ave and Encanto.

Cakes:  If you enjoy spending a lot of money on custom cakes this is not for you. I am talking about heading to your local grocery store bakery.  In my experience, my kids pick a party theme and then we go to order a cake and it’s not in their book. Before you drive to every other grocery store in town, which spoiler alert, it won’t been in their books either, talk to the baker in the bakery.  Three years in a row, I have been able to sweet talk the baker into what I need.

This year I needed a science theme cake.  Target Bakery helped me out! They asked me to show them a picture of what I was hoping for. They pulled through!

The year before that I needed a Minecraft cake. Due to the licensing the bakery doesn’t have these types of cakes in their book.  The bakery made grass and wrote Happy Birthday in block lettering. I bought some little Minecraft toys to put on top. Minecraft cake complete.

Another year, before it was really popular, I needed an emoji cake. Safeway pulled through for that one too.

Decorations. Party city will have most every theme covered so they are always a good stop. This year however the science theme isn’t as popular, so Amazon was the winner for  these science decorations. Etsy would also be a great place to check out for decorations and cake decorations as well.

I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful to having an amazing kids party. Here’s to hosting that party with ease. Cheers!