Virtual Valentine’s Party: Minute to Win It


I have to admit: Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite holiday. I love chocolate, but I don’t have much use for a heart-shaped box. I like flowers, but not at triple the price. I’m not a big fan of sappy cards. BUT, I’ve found a lot of joy in watching my daughter embrace every little celebration with overwhelming enthusiasm during the last year. So, as another holiday rolled around, I knew we had to come up with something fun. A virtual Valentine’s party seemed like an easy option.

Virtual Valentine’s Party Decorations

Decorating can be as minimal or elaborate as you want. We went with a red tablecloth, LOVE balloon garland, and some other random Valentine’s Day decorations we’ve collected over the years.

If your kids love crafting, the sky is the limit. Homemade hearts look especially pretty this time of year. Throw on some stickers or glitter glue and they’re ready to shine. Valentine’s Day Door Affirmations are a great way to get the whole family involved and focused on the positives in each other.

Valentine’s Card Craft

My daughter is six and loves crafting. She would gladly sit on Zoom all day with her friends, some markers, and lots and lots of tape. She knew she wanted card making to be a part of the virtual Valentine’s party, so that was easy – everyone has paper and coloring supplies on hand… and who doesn’t love a sweet card from their six year old?!

Minute to Win It Party Game

Zoom usually means a lot of sitting and not a lot of doing. We wanted to change things up and after some internet searching, we made a list of six fun, Valentine’s-inspired Minute to Win It challenges.


  • Conversation Hearts (about 25 per kid; the hard kind, not gummies)
  • Paper plates (2 per kid)
  • Plastic straw (1 per kid)
  • Plastic cups (2 per kid)
  • Plastic spoon (1 per kid)
  • Balloons (2 per kid)
  • Paper and a pen, if you want to keep score

Minute to Win It Valentine’s Challenges

Minute to Win It is a game show where contestants participate in one minute challenges using common household items. It’s the perfect combination of fun, difficult, and entertaining.

Here are a few of the challenges we found that seem like they would work well for the early elementary school crowd. While this will be easy to implement as a virtual Valentine’s party, it would be just as fun in person too.

  1. Leaning Tower of Hearts: Stack as many candy hearts as you can in one minute. What’s standing at the end is the total number of points for this round.
  2. Stuck on You Valentine: Use a straw to move candy hearts from one plate to the other. The total number of hearts moved is the points earned for this round.
  3. Don’t Break My Heart Relay: Place a cup with candy hearts in it on one side of the room and an empty cup at least ten feet away. Using only a spoon to move the candy hearts one at a time, see how many you can get in the empty cup. If you drop your heart, you have to go back to the starting line and begin again.
  4. You Blow Me Away Straw Race: Place your candy hearts at the edge of the table. Using your straw, see how many you can get to the finish line (the other side of the table) within one minute.
  5. Face the Candy: Place a candy heart on your forehead and move it to your mouth without using your hands. See how many you can eat in a minute. Be careful!
  6. Balloon Pick Up: Keep two balloons in the air for a full minute. You can use your hands, arms, feet, etc. – just keep the balloons floating and don’t let them touch the ground.
Depending on your virtual Valentine’s party crowd, you may or may not want to total up the points.
Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day at home with your family or looking for a virtual Valentine’s party option, the Minute to Win It challenges are sure to bring a lot of laughs to the entire family.