Interview with Erin Stremcha, Scottsdale Mom and Author of Power Up


Erin Stremcha took a personal gift to her son and decided to share it with the world. Allow me to introduce you to her new book, Power Up.

Erin wrote a book for her son, meant to speak truth and encouragement to him whenever he opened it. She noticed the book on his nightstand and knew that he was actually reading the gift she made for him. It was then that she realized that every child needed this book. Every child needs to be read words of encouragement and Power Up

Erin wants to get this book into the hands of children that need to hear the message and has partnered with Arizona Foster Care Foundations and created a “Buy a book, donate a book” program. For every book that is purchased, a book will be donated to a child in foster care.

I had the chance to chat with Erin and was completely moved by her genuine passion to tell children that they are amazing and loved. Her childhood was rooted in giving her time and talents to people less fortunate. She has carried this beautiful desire to tell everyone that they are worthy of love into motherhood.

This book is full of important lessons that our children need to learn, including that failure is the way to success. 

This is the perfect book for every mother to read with their child! 

Teach your child the power of words and what we are saying to ourselves. Then, speak words of encouragement and hope to them! 

You can find Erin’s book on Amazon and learn more about Erin on her website.