Gift of Adoption: An Organization that is Changing Lives


Hi everyone. I’m so excited to be here and share my story with you! My husband Eric and I both played sports in college, which is how we met, and I have continued to watch and follow him as he has had an amazing 10+ year career as a professional baseball player. While this life may sound glamorous and exciting, it also means a lot of time apart, endless months as a single mom, and lots of moving from place to place. While our life can be a
little crazy, the one thing we are devoted to as a couple is always prioritizing our family.

When we were in college, my parents became certified foster parents, and a few years later
adopted my two sisters. Having been exposed to adoption so early in our dating relationship, we knew we would eventually choose adoption as a means to growing our own family. Seeing my sisters make their way into our family at 8 days old and 13 months, and witnessing the love they brought was truly special.

After we were married and had three biological children, we were ready to pursue adoption, and became certified when our youngest was a few months old. Little did we know, God had some great plans for us, and we adopted not once, but twice within a year! That left us with 5 kids under 6, and 3 of those under 18 months (haha!). Moms, I know you feel my pain! Of course now, we couldn’t possibly imagine it any other way. We have amazing open adoptions, and our love for our babies’ birth parents surpasses anything we could have imagined.

As you may or may not know, private adoption can be very expensive. It can be a heavy load for many couples who are looking to, or are in the process of adoption. Eric has worked so hard to have the career that he has, and we were blessed to not have been heavily burdened with the cost of our adoptions. We knew we wanted to give back in some way, and I soon came in contact with the president of the Arizona chapter of Gift of Adoption. Gift of Adoption is a non-discriminatory organization that provides grants to cover the final costs needed to complete an adoption. It’s amazing to be part of an organization that is changing so many lives, and helping to give homes and families to so many children.

adoptionWithout adoption, our family would be incomplete in so many ways. I often take a step back and think about how I could have missed out on all of it. How I could have missed out on my family; on these perfect babies. It would have been so easy to, but oftentimes the best things in life aren’t the easiest. Adoption isn’t for everyone, but I would encourage each of you who have ever said, “I’ve always thought about adopting,” to take the next step. Do some research, speak with adoptive parents, adoptees, or an agency. Learn more and then make your decision. It can be hard, and complicated, but it’s so beautiful.

Gift of Adoption is currently hosting a virtual 5k/10k/fun run, and the support of our Arizona community is so, so needed and appreciated. Covid has stopped many things, but the desperate need for children to be connected with loving parents is still there. Please consider signing up to run, walk, or donate! If you want to join my team, select ‘Team Baseball’ in the drop down! All are invited to join and can register at

I’m Kaycee, wife to a professional baseball player, Target devotee, biological mom of three and adoptive mom of two through two amazing birth moms. I sometimes worry that my love of Chick-Fil-A is slightly unhealthy, but it is what it is. No shame. I love Instagram and have found my love in sharing my not-so-perfect, real mom moments, and other things I am passionate about, such as mental health awareness and adoption.