Thrifting in Scottsdale? Let’s Discuss…


From early high school through my mid-twenties I was an expert thrift store shopper. I knew every nearby Salvation Army, Goodwill, thrift and vintage store like the back of my hand. I loved the thrill of the hunt, and the even bigger thrill of a killer find. Thrifting was fun, cheap, environmentally responsible and resulted in many a well-loved pair of jeans, some funky housewares and more than a few Halloween costumes.

Sadly, the last several years have seen a big decline in my thrift and resale shopping. Sure, I hit up Kid to Kid like everyone else, but I’ve fallen out of the habit of regular “hunting” – especially when it comes to shopping for myself or our home. And it’s not hard to figure out why: to make the really lucky discoveries, you have to shop often and be willing to leave empty-handed most of the time. With two kids in tow, just popping in to the local Goodwill store with no guarantee of finding anything sounds about as fun as a Monday morning in the sick kid waiting room at the doctor’s office. Much easier to go to Target, where I can get clothes, groceries and a Starbucks, right?

But I miss thrifting! This weekend I stopped into My Sister’s Closet* to drop off some clothes to sell on consignment and was reminded just how fun – and rewarding – this kind of shopping can be.

I mean, check out this purse:

It was $12.99!

* This is not a sponsored post … My Sister’s Closet/My Sister’s Attic just happens to be the one resale place I’ve gotten to know locally, and they are worth checking out – if you have higher-end stuff to get rid of, I’ve had good results consigning with them, too 🙂

I would love to get back into the habit of resale shopping, but I haven’t really figured out where to go or how to pull it off with little ones. And so, wise readers, I’d love your help.

Are you a thrifter? Do you have favorite resale stores you hit up regularly? Do you go solo or brave it with kids?


  1. So glad you posted about this (and LOVE the purse by the way). Can’t wait to read our reader’s suggestions. I myself am looking for a large ornate white floor mirror and would love to find it at a Thrift Store.

    • Okay, so this topic is kind of like my specialty! I pretty much have all of Phoenix/Scottsdale mapped out in regard to thrifting. My favorite is probably Biltmore Savers or Happy Valley Goodwill, but I frequently visit them all. My husband is in school and in the military, so we’re on a budget, but I still love my nice things, so thrifting is perfect. I also have a penchant for vintage items and reworking things. I just found a 1950s era diner chair at Goodwill for $9. I found an Eames chair last month also for 9.99 at Goodwill. i actually just wrote a piece about thrifitng on Inspired and Impoverished.
      In regard to children’s consignment shops, I really love a little gem called Hopscotch in Glendale. I found it a few months back after becoming frustrated with the condition of items I found in other consignment shops. I prefer to shop at places like Goodwill and Saver’s because of the awesome programs and donations, but I love estate sales as well.
      I feel good about upcycling and reducing our carbon footprint when I thrift too!

      • Thanks, Amie! I am all about the $10 and under finds too. I am not as into re-purposing though, so I have to really hunt to find the perfect item that won’t require a whole DIY project to perfect. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

    • Steph, right after I posted this I had the chance to check out Second Chance on 32nd and Shea – in your stomping grounds. Have you been there? Like My Sister’s Attic, their things is “upscale resale”, so the quality is good and there is nice stuff, but the prices are higher than a true Goodwill type thrift store. Worth checking out, though, and it’s BIG. 🙂

  2. I’m with you on the Target/Starbucks thing. I think the employees know us now. I’m interested in hearing everyone’s responses as well. I’m not known as a thrift shopper, but in this economy I need to be! My favorite kids thrift store now is Puddleduds at Scottsdale and Shea. LOVE IT! I just got my son a Jacadi winter coat for $20! Not that we need it if January is going to be pushing 80 degrees! Holy moly.

  3. I love Little Jewelz on 36th and Indian School – A.MA.ZING. kids clothes at awesome prices. Plus lots of bedding and room decor both new and very gently used. Love the bag too!

  4. I’ve had some really good luck at the Goodwill Redesign store on Scottsdale Rd. They have only home related stuff, no clothes. Of course, I leave empty handed every once in a while, often I find a treasure.

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