New in Town? Welcome to Scottsdale!


My husband (then-fiancé) and I moved to Scottsdale from Chicago exactly seven years ago this week. If you’ve lived here longer than five minutes, you know that this area attracts transplants like no other city. So if you’ve just arrived, you’re not alone!

For those of you who are new in town and looking for things to do with little ones or ways to connect with other moms, here are just a few ideas (in honor of my anniversary of arrival to the desert 🙂 )…

:: Come to Arizona Mom’s Night Out on January 26! Registration goes live TOMORROW at 1pm and our events fill up super fast. Check back tomorrow for the registration link.

:: Join our community! The SMB Facebook page has more than 1,000 members, and we discuss everything from strollers to local goings-on there. Plus, it’s a fast way to stay on top of this here blog and our events.

:: Browse our archives! We have an amazing contributor team who scour the town for the best things to do with kids in this area. These are mom-tested activities, many of them FREE, for babies and kids of all ages. Read through the Things to Do archives here.

Welcome to Scottsdale! We’re glad you’re here. 


  1. – Hi Mary,Thanks so much for srhniag your story of growing your family by adoption! We recently adopted our son in November and we are going to the courts to finalize everything tomorrow morning! Oh what a day we will celebrate Like you, we are also sooo blessed to have an open relationship with my son’s birthmom, in fact we spent this past week with her and her extended family! We know it is not the norm for adoptions, but it’s such a special thing to share our family and hers! I’ll be praying for you guys as you open your hearts for another child to come into your life forever and start the waiting process!Sincerely,Becca

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