Packing Kids for Vacation Part 2: Simplify packing & avoid outfit battles with this easy trick!


Did you catch Part 1 of our Packing Kids for Vacation? What!? We GAVE you a free printable packing list! Check it out here.

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I don’t know about you, but my little opinionated three-year old has to be involved in ALL her wardrobe decisions!

This battle of what she is wearing can be exhausting! On vacation, it is a battle I try to avoid at all costs!

On our last trip, I was determined to find a way to pack for my daughter to make life easier, but hassle free once we were on vacation.

The solution: Ziploc bags….lots of them!

Days before we left for our trip my daughter and I started picking out her “vacation wardrobe”. We will select her outfits from the underwear to the hair accessories. Once her entire “vacation wardrobe” is put together we place each outfit into a Ziploc baggie. She loves stuffing the bags full of the clothes and accessories. I will say, because her attention span is short we tend to only tolerate the picking of 2-3 outfits at a time, so I have learned to start this process a few days in advance.

When we are on our vacation and getting dressed in the morning, I will pull out two Ziploc outfits and ask her to choose a bag, and once she does she is done with her choices because everything is bundled up ready for her to wear in the bag.

Another added benefit of having all the left over Ziploc bags during vacation is bringing home dirty and/or wet clothes back home. You can also re-use the Ziplocs for all you vacation packing needs, so no need to worry about wasting the bags away.

This method works great for us. Do you have any tips or tricks to pack for you kids on vacation? We would love to hear them!


  1. Great plan! Plus it’s easy to pull out of the suitcase! I feel like my little ones stuff always ends up all out of the suitcase because I can’t decide!

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