New & Notable in AZ {spin class}


spin class

Last week I tried a fun, exciting and super-hard spin class with Diane at the DC Ranch Village. Three days later, my legs still hurt going up and down the stairs {talk about a tough workout!}.

What makes this spin class (and my experience at the DC Ranch Village) different then other spin classes is the MyZone Activity Belt.

The MyZone Activity Belt was just launched at the DC Ranch Village last April. It is a heart rate monitor and training belt worn across your chest. It keeps track of your workout, the different levels you reach during your workout, and is 99.9% accurate on calories burned.dc ranch village

During the spin class, I was able to view my stats on a large screen TV at the front of the spin room. I could tell if I needed to push harder to get to the next level or back off a bit when I was over exerting myself. It really helped me to understand the level at which I was working out and how my body was responding.

The MyZone Activity Belt has an app that allows you to view each workout and makes you work out smarter! The belt automatically adjusts the zones to your body. This gives a more accurate reading than other heart rate monitors. The app also includes a food log and a social network so you can connect with friends.

It was so fun to try out this new product and get pushed to my limit in the spin class. Contact the DC Ranch Village Health Club and Spa for info on how you can try out a class.

Thank you to Diane and DC Ranch Village for inviting me to try out the class and seriously sweat! All opinions in this post are my own.