The Game-Changing Beauty Trends That I Live By


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Moms, let’s face it, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished on our to-do list, especially when it comes to making ourselves feel fabulous! Between working, caring for our children and ALL their needs, and managing the household or other family obligations, we are limited on time…time for US.

After my first child was born, I was so obsessed with him, and so exhausted, that I didn’t even realize I hadn’t showered in 2 or 3 days. I rarely got a mani/pedi, didn’t shave, and never blow dried my hair. Forget maintenance, I was a wreck! Now that baby #2 is almost a year old, I’ve decided I need some self-love! It’s time to feel fabulous again and for me that means getting beautified!! However, whatever I do must be because it makes me feel good AND makes life a little easier. So here are some of the latest beauty trends that add a little more SPARKLE to mom-life and won’t hog up all my extra time.

Lash Extensions
When my 2 year old said, “Mama, I like your lashes,” I was so happy, plus he confirmed for me that paying $60 a month for lash refills was totally worth it! Since getting lash extensions, I can literally wake up and go…well almost. No more eyelash curling and mascara. Mama ain’t got time for that. If you want to look awake and bright-eyed, don’t hesitate much longer. This one is definitely a game-changer and here to stay.

Brazilian Blowout
I heard about this years ago, but I’m not a girl who obsesses over hair trends. I may try a new cut or color every few years. However, when a co-worker walked in one day with shiny, full, and straight hair (and that was after a sweaty workout), I had to know her secret. The Brazilian Blowout is a process where the hair is cleaned, conditioned with a special straightening mask, then dried and flat ironed. Sometimes the hair will be washed once more and styled. The treatment supposedly lasts about 3 months. I am going on 2 months and I feel ready for another treatment. After my treatment, my hair had never felt better or more manageable. Dry time was shortened to 5 minutes…YES, 5 MINUTES! The first few weeks I never even had to touch a flat iron. It was still so smooth! Two months later, I just run the flat iron through a few scattered pieces and done!

Laser Hair Removal
Again, because who has time for that! Gone are the days I worry about shaving, umm…yeah, down there! Whether it be underarms, legs, or full body, I say DO IT! With a few zaps of the laser, this pain-free treatment can diminish and, sometimes, completely remove hair. Several years ago I had my underarms treated and I still rarely have to shave.

With two little ones in constant need of my attention I no longer have time for luxury baths with bubbles and fancy shave cream. Now days, I’m lucky if I can shave once a week, and sometimes not even that! So needless to say that my decision to have laser hair removal done was more out of necessity than out of desire. So far I’ve had 2 treatments out of 6 total and I already see a significant difference. 

Brow Microblading
Ok, ladies, I’m dying to try this one! Although, I have yet to experience this first hand, I can say I’ve seen the results of microblading on many of my friends and it looks AMAZING! If you’re like me and have to spend the extra time each day trying to make your brows look evenly shaped and shadowed, this MIGHT be what you need! Unlike a regular tattoo, pigment is dropped into tiny scrapes made within the brow area to give the impression of full and shapely eyebrows. Now let me say, this treatment doesn’t come without some high maintenance costs. From what I understand, microblading involves several retouch follow up treatments and those cost extra on top of the initial treatment. Another contributor, Jenny Donnell, recently tried out microblading at Flawless Beauty AZ, which is located in Old Town Scottsdale. While the actual procedure itself was a little uncomfortable, it didn’t hurt and was totally worth it for the amazing results. Jenny is currently working on a blog post about her experience with microblading for her fashion and lifestyle blog in case anyone is interested in a full review of the process.

So, as you can tell, I’ve become a little more high maintenance this year, but hey, I deserve it and I feel good! Along with these treatments I also love the benefits of organic spray tans, BB + CC creams, and SNS manicures. Share your secrets. What are your go-to beauty trends?



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