Feeding Baby with Mini Fresh

Mini Fresh provided me with their wonderful baby food in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Baby’s first foods! It’s one of my favorite milestones during the first year of life. I love watching my baby’s reactions as he tries new flavors and seeing his face all covered with food. As my newest guy neared this stage, I loved the idea of making homemade baby food for him with fresh fruits and vegetables – but I knew that time was not on my side. That’s why I was so excited to hear about Mini Fresh, a local company that does all the work of homemade baby food for you. Their goal is to make life a little easier for moms by providing delicious baby food for your littles and making that food with local and organic ingredients whenever possible. 

Using real, fresh ingredients, Mini Fresh does all of the work of making yummy baby food goodness for you, and delivers it the same day to your home. There are no chemicals, preservatives or fake ingredients. You can get simple jars with just one pureed fruit or vegetable, or as your baby grows, get different blends to add variety to their palate. 

And they don’t stop at baby food – Mini Fresh also provides: 

  • Baby lead weaning meals

  • Toddler meals

  • Power Bites (for mom and dad) 

  • Lactation Bites & Lactation Tea (for nursing mamas) 

What did the baby think? Well, I think the smile on his face says it all. He truly enjoyed eating all of the Mini Fresh favors (though he was a bit partial to the banana/apple & mango/apple blends) and had no problem gobbling them up. I had the chance to try the power bites and they were the perfect afternoon snack and tasted delicious. 

And I think it’s worth stating again…..THEY DELIVER. Baby’s food is dropped off at your doorstep the same day it is made. If you would like to try out a few jars of Mini Fresh, you can also catch them at several of the valley’s farmer’s markets

Learn more about Mini Fresh’s offerings on their website

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