Have You Heard of The Baby Box Co.?



Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for completing a class or a course? I remember when I was expecting my first little one, who just turned nineteen. I read every pregnancy book, took courses at the hospital, and watched every video I could. But then, I got home with my cute little bundle of awesomeness and I was exhausted but still wanted to learn more.

The Baby Box Co. has developed a fascinating reward system for completing applicable educational courses for every stage of early childhood. 

They have worked with our advisory team of healthcare experts to develop video courses that help parents safely care for their kids. Each person who completes a course receives a Baby Box reward, like a safe sleep bag, onesie, romper, burp cloth, and other options.

They have combined the fun surprise of a box with the reward of learning. 

But, The Baby Box Co. is not just about babies or boxes. It’s about creating a safer world for children by supporting parents. Our community is your safety net, bringing you expert information and trusted products so you can protect the ones who matter most. We provide the parenting education you need before you even know you need it, so you can conquer uncertainty and win the day—or at least the hour. From pregnancy through infancy and early childhood, we deliver what you need to parent with confidence and raise safe, happy kids.

Be sure to check out the educational aspect of the program at www.thebabyboxco.com and check out the educational video on safe sleep practices and take the quiz as well!

Thank you so much to The Baby Box Co. for giving one of our contributors a box to review.