BABY DIARIES: 4 Months- Staying “at home” without going crazy!


“There’s no place like HOME.

“There’s no place like HOME…”

It’s true; there’s no place like home, but as a brand new mom at times I feel absolutely stuck in my HOUSE. Are you with me on this?

I’ve heard many Scottsdale Moms Blog moms (even more experienced moms than I) echo the same feeling.

Last week I got STUCK.

I didn’t specifically plan any daytime outings and ended up spending most of my days inside the house conversing with our 4 month old son and our dog. Due to a mild vitamin D deficiency and loneliness, I eventually needed to get out! To be honest, I was going a little crazy. (Just ask my husband.)

Becoming a (mostly) stay-at-home mom is definitely a transition for me. The house used to be a place where my husband and I would do chores (i.e. cooking, cleaning, bills, etc.) and relax. Don’t get me wrong, I have enough messes, projects, and tasks at home to fully occupy me for probably 6 years, but I need balance. Now…the house is essentially my base of operations, so finding a sense of accomplishment and time to relax is a new challenge.

My conclusion is: I need to make consistent plans to take my kiddo and get out of the house, even if it’s just one event at a time.

So here’s my Sanity Strategy:

Make Plans to Get Out

I’ve made myself a little weekly to-do list template with 2 columns: IN and OUT. I’m going to try to make sure that there’s things in both columns every day.

You can download my template HERE if you think it could be helpful to you too!

…Then Go!

There are so many options…a walk, errands, or finding a way to connect with other moms. Over the last several months I’ve had such a wonderful experience at Scottsdale Moms Blog events. Really…you should come.

The monthly trip to the zoo…


(and for time away from the little ones) Moms’ Night Out!

If you’re like I am sometimes (sitting in your living room at noon, after 3 bottles and 4 diaper changes, avoiding the mountain of laundry, and reading this post), then you should get out and get involved. I’d love to meet you!

Now, an update on the little guy…


17.5 lbs 25.5in


Brittany is an Arizona native and married to her best friend, Brandon. Some days she stays home with her little guy, Easton (Born December 3rd, 2010), and other days she helps out with her family’s custom upholstery business, Pacific Mfg. Co. She is a lover of ALL things creative…


  1. Yes…yes…yes…yes! Seriously… what great wisdom! I personally wish I would have taken your suggestions the first 4 months of little Nora’s life! It would have made all of the difference in my sanity 🙂

    BTW – I just want to eat little Easton up! So cute!

  2. I’m a first time SAHM/WAHM too! I’m learning to get out more now thar Audrey is 1 ( just turned in March). I live in Gilbert if you ever need a play date! Check out my blog so you can get to know us and contact me anytime! So glad I found this blog!

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