Elby the Love Bus!


We had the coolest opportunity this week for our moms group to join Love Grown Foods as they drive around the US getting their name out. Their story for creating organic foods is inspirational. I read about them online, then got to chat with Maddy & Alex as they served coffee, juice, and granola with fruit and yogurt! They’ve got great recipes on their site to get creative with.

We sat in Elby, the Love Bus as we ate breakfast which is the coolest RV I’ve ever been in! OK, fine…it’s the only RV I’ve been in, but still very nice. (Look at our stroller line-up outside Elby. So fun!!)

Carter and I both agreed, (along with other mommas), it was delicious and needs to be part of our pantry items! They’re selling at Fry’s and really are affordable! Plus…if you read the ingrediant list, you’ll be able to pronounce and understand each item! That’s worth it, alone!

Cart had the best time as he dined with Colette. Technically, she kept stealing his food, but I think, he thinks she’s too cute to stop! Then he found the driver keys by the steering wheel, which is when I had to get him out of there. Otherwise, we’d be there while he fake drove for a long, long time.

Thanks for such a fun way to start our day, Love Grown!


  1. We too love, LOVE Grown Foods. So, excited that your mom group got the opportunity to sample and chat with Maddy & Alex. They are so passionate about their yummy organic granola! For moms, who missed out on Elby the Love Bus, come sample LOVE GROWN FOODS at the 2nd Annual At Bat for Kids HealthFest on May 14 at Scottsdale Stadium.

    Best of Health,

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