I Tried an Asian Head Spa. Why You Should Book a Session, Too


I’ve been wanting to try an Asian head spa for awhile now, and I finally got to experience one recently in Phoenix. Have you heard about the amazing scalp treatments you can get at one? If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, read on!

Although head spas are relatively new to North America, they’ve been popular in countries like Japan and Korea for a long time. As Hair.com describes them – “part spa trip, part scalp treatment, head spas are a holistic approach to enhancing your scalp and hair health using personalized hair topicals, deep tissue scalp massages, and relaxation rituals.”

I’d describe my visit as a super relaxing mashup of a scalp and neck massage, best-ever deep shampoo and conditioner treatment, and an amazing blowout. (You know how a blowout can sometimes tug your head around and isn’t all that relaxing? I almost fell asleep during this one, and my hair looked so shiny and perfectly styled with loose waves at the end, and no other heat tools were used besides the blow dryer.)

Most head spas offer a menu for you to choose which kind of treatments you want and for what amount of time/price you want to pay for. Similar to how facials manage your skin health, an Asian head spa is a similar type of pampering session that will improve your scalp and hair conditions.

They use various methods of scalp therapy (like brushes, serums, exfoliants, devices, and massages) to help retune your scalp environment by promoting circulation, enhancing any product absorption, and providing stress relief. Also, if you’re experiencing dry scalp or any stress-related changes to your hair strength or growth, which are common during the post-partum period or during perimenopause, this experience is definitely worth considering.

There are several head spas throughout the Valley now, but I tried the Zen Head Spa in north central Phoenix. They have one large treatment room with four tables that have wash stations attached. The treatment room is darkened and quiet and has relaxing spa music playing to help you reach a truly soothing state of mind. They provide support under your knees while lying on the table and have blankets to keep you cozy. When I visited, there were no curtains or dividers between the tables yet, but they plan to add those soon.

I opted for the 35-minute head spa treatment and to pay for the blowout option, but if you don’t want to pay for hair drying, you can leave with wet hair or use their blow dryer and hair products for free. I’d recommend wearing a top you don’t mind getting a little damp, and wearing or bringing some warm socks so that you feel completely comfortable taking off your shoes during your scalp/hair treatment.

Both women and men are welcome, and Zen even offers a 15-minute beard treatment for guys with facial hair. This experience could be part of a fun and relaxing date night for a couple. (Think fun holiday gift for your partner!)

Keep in mind that the specifics of an Asian head spa treatment can vary between salons, but the emphasis on relaxation and scalp condition is a common thread. Pretty much anyone can benefit from a head spa service, but if you’re looking for a unique way to unwind and relax while also improving your scalp and hair health, you should certainly give one a try.

(The author did not receive any complimentary services from Zen Head Spa)



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