Fall Crafts You Can Do with Your Toddler


Craft Collage

It still may be summer weather here, but Fall IS coming. I promise! I am a Fall-loving, craft-obsessed mama, and could not wait to get started on some projects. I have an 18-month old this year and she is really getting to a fun stage where she wants to try everything herself. Here are three quick and easy projects that your toddler can execute—with just a few minutes of prepping and planning on your end.


These are easy and can use up a lot of scrap paper. I just took a few minutes during her nap and cut out a bunch of shapes, some feet, and eyes. When she woke up I told her she could use the glue stick and she was sold. She glued for a solid 25 minutes. She wasn’t as interested in sticking the pieces to each other—she preferred putting the glue on, and then telling me where to put things, but that actually worked fine by me. I am still working on my control issues!

Monster Collage


I saw this idea here , but didn’t have masking tape on hand, so I improvised. During the aforementioned nap, I also cut out a few mummy shapes and some eyes—but saved these for a different day. When Evie was ready for another craft, she helped me tear up some strips of white tissue paper (reusing scraps again!) and I poured a little Elmer’s glue onto a plate— she was able to “paint” the glue on, and apply the strips. She loved it and kept yelling at the paper when her hand would get stuck. After she was done I trimmed around all of the edges to clean them up a bit, and let them dry. My plan is to put both the monsters and the mummies on our front door wreath with a cute Halloween bow of some sort. She loves seeing her art displayed!

Mummy Collage

Window Clings!

This one wasn’t as friendly of a project (the funkier the monsters and mummies looked, the better) but we still loved it. I got my inspiration from here , but knew staying inside the lines would be too tough, so I took a few pieces of contact paper and taped some leaves to it (just whatever had recently fallen off our trees/plants outside). Then I poured some non-toxic paint in red, orange, brown, and yellow—and let Evie use all sorts of brushes to paint. I didn’t do the greatest job taping, so the results weren’t as clean as I was hoping—but it still turned out beautiful and Fall-like, and Evie LOVED looking at it on the window. It will definitely stay up all Autumn! In retrospect, I could have let her paint the whole thing and then cut out leaf shapes… but “hunting” for the leaves was just as fun as the painting, so I think it was still a win!

Fall Collage

We still have plenty of time for more fun projects, but we loved getting a head start! Now, we just have to wait until we can start doing our crafts outside in nice weather! What Fall crafts do you like to do with the kids? 


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