You know You’re a Scottsdale Mom if….


We love living in Scottsdale. 

There are the obvious reasons….the weather, so much to do, beautiful scenery. But the people are what make Scottsdale the best, and we love having all of you mamas as part of our community! This is definitely a unique city, so we asked our contributors (for fun!) how do you know you’re a Scottsdale Mom?? 

scottsdale momYou know you’re a Scottsdale mom if……

  1. You have random train park tickets floating around your purse.
  2. You teach your kids to be on the lookout for javelinas and coyotes when out for a walk.
  3. You put ice packs on the car seat buckles in the summertime.
  4. You buy your kids shorts in October.
  5. Your kids have Uber accounts to get to sports practice.
  6. Your little one asks to go out for an acai bowl after kids yoga class.
  7. You can run all of your errands (get coffee, drop off library books, pick up from pharmacy, buy lunch, and pick up dry cleaning) without ever leaving your car on a 120 degree day.
  8. You watch your kids frolic through the cool splash pad while you fry on a 115 degree day.
  9. You know your way around Scottsdale Quarter like it’s your backyard.
  10. It’s 80 degrees and you wear a sweater.
  11. The school pick up line looks like it could be a luxury car dealership ad.
  12. Your coconut oil is liquefied for 8 months out of the year.
  13. You are in your “hazmat” suit with a black light in the backyard hunting down scorpions.
  14. Your baby is confused and terrified the first time you set them down on that strange substance….grass.
  15. A stretch limo picks up the 6th graders from their promotion ceremony.
  16. The birthday party favors cost more than the gift you brought. 


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