Working Out at The Bar Method Phoenix – Arcadia


Are you in a workout rut? Need a new routine? Want to start working out but don’t know where to start? The Bar Method may be the answer for you! I had the chance to try a month here this summer and whether you’re a mom with kids that you need to tote along, pregnant, or have some mom free time, The Bar Method Phoenix-Arcadia gives a fantastic workout and comes with a great studio and staff.

I recently had the opportunity to take classes at The Bar Method Phoenix-Arcadia; a super chic studio jam packed with amenities, a great work out, and a charismatic owner, Elissa Scannell. What is The Bar Method? “The Bar Method merges the principles of isometrics, interval training, dance conditioning, and physical therapy. It was designed under the guidance of physical therapists to burn fat, reshape muscles, improve posture, and build confidence.” (The Bar Method)

The first Bar Method studio in Arizona located in the Arcadia neighborhood boasts a comfy lobby lounge, a fully stocked locker room with showers, and wonderful child care. These amenities make it easier for moms to take the kiddos and get cleaned up after a workout. Now that’s a win! My girls (ages 1 and 4) had a wonderful time in the child care room. The staff was great with their ages and they had plenty of toys to play with. Check out their studio gallery here to see if for yourself!bar method phoenix

The Bar Method Phoenix-Arcadia class studios are extra roomy with ample mirror space, which you don’t get everywhere you go. 

The Bar Method style uses carpeted floors with all participants in socks. I won’t lie, I was hesitant about this before I actually took a class. A workout on carpet? But, I have to tell you that neither my feet nor my knees hurt during the workout as they typically do in other types of workout classes. I was so excited that the carpet seemed to give me a soft support for my joints. I am also 6 months pregnant, so the carpet was a plus when doing floor exercises. 

Yes, the amenities are fantastic, but I did come for the workout too. Now, being new to The Bar Method and 6 months pregnant made for an intimidating first session, but the staff and instructors were so helpful and kind that I didn’t have to worry about not knowing a thing. They made sure I was on point the whole time. An additionally impressive part of this experience is that the instructors will memorize your name before the class. YES, seriously. I’m not sure how they do it because I get my kids names mixed up a decent percent of the time and these instructors know each participant’s name for the class. They don’t just call you out when you’re off the mark, but encourage and teach you how to be more effective or safe in the move. The workout can be as challenging or as light as you make it creating quite a wonderful balance. The classes not only encourage strengthening muscles but also improving flexibility. But don’t worry, you don’t have to have mastered either of these for you to start The Bar Method, but you will get there!

The Bar Method Phoenix-Arcadia is located in the Arcadia neighborhood on the north east corner of Indian School Road and 48th Street on the second floor. 


Thank you, Bar Method Phoenix-Arcadia for giving me the opportunity to come and take classes with you! All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. This sounds like a great addition to the area. I love a workout that includes a focus on building confidence this is such a motivating element! Sounds like a wonderful space and a really great workout to boot.

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