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Are you trying to conceive? Don’t get discouraged, the average conception time for a healthy couple is four to six months. Waiting for your precious bundle of joy can make days feel like months! Try to be patient and do yourself a favor and give your body a natural boost with these fertility favorites:

Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant, $20 

Let’s get down to basics, the sperm needs to meet the egg and factors including environment and diet can make the meeting spot a difficult one to navigate. For example, spicy or citrus based foods can damage or even kill sperm. Pre Seed is designed to make the meeting place much more hospitable. Amazon is full of rave reviews (4.50 stars out of 5) about the effectiveness of this product. Although traditional lubricants can actually hinder the conception process by slowing down or actually killing swimmers, Pre-Seed is designed to mimic natural bodily fluids to increase your chances of his swimmers getting to the egg. Bonus! This lubricant is plant-based and made in America.

Prenatal Vitamins, prices vary

Prenatal vitamins can do wonders for you hair, nails and skin but they can also help you get pregnant faster by ensuring your body and uterus has all the nutrients needed. This helps signal the body that it’s a good time to conceive. You should also start taking them at least three months before trying to conceive to boost the health of your uterus via folic acid and reduce the chance of miscarriage and neural-tube defects. Any reputable brand will work, but women rave about The Prenatal One pills and Nature Made brands.

FertiliTea, $12 Fairhaven Health  

Fertility tea is a tried and true method that has been used for centuries. The idea is that the certain set of herbs including raspberry and peppermint boost the health of your eggs to allow for better chance of implanting. One of my girlfriend’s credits her first baby to this yummy recipe.

Stress Relief, free to very expensive

Stress is a huge roadblock on the way to conceiving. Working with mothers and pregnant women, you wouldn’t believe how often I would hear women proclaim that they got pregnant as soon as the stress or pressure of conceiving was lifted. This wasn’t only true for first time mothers. Many women who had conceived their first child through in-vitro told me that they easily got pregnant with their second child without any fertility treatment and often accredited it to the fact that they felt less pressure to conceive after already becoming a mother to one. Other women reported that simple stress relief habits such as yoga, essential oil baths and meditation were the key to dropping the stress and easing the body into pregnancy.

Trying to conceive can stir up a lot of emotions including frustration, but remember, trying to conceive should be fun, not stressful. Help take the edge off and boost your chances of conceiving naturally with these fertility boosting products.

Any tips? Please share in the comments.

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Sarah Turney
Sarah Turney was born and raised in Phoenix and graduated at the top of her class from Arizona State University with a degree in English with an emphasis in writing. To support herself in college, she nannied and managed various upscale children’s retail stores and quickly fell in love with learning all she could about children’s products. Sarah has enjoyed writing for SMB since early 2014 and is on a mission to help families pick out the cream of the crop from the surplus of children’s products on the market with her free-lance maternity concierge business. When Sarah isn’t writing or obsessing over baby gear, she enjoys hiking, gardening, and playing with her three dogs.