Favorite Summertime Memory {Contributor Corner}


Summertime SMB

Can you believe it?

In a few weeks, kids will be back in school!

Before our contributor moms get back in the hustle and bustle of the fall, we asked them one important question. . .

“What is your favorite summertime memory?”

Check out some of their answers:

Rebecca: Apart from our 2 trips to San Diego (because how do we top those?), I’d have to say it’s watching my 2-year-old and my husband play “Daddy Shark” in our pool. My husband can really hold his breath and when he creeps up on our son under water, the laughter and squeals can be heard throughout the neighborhood!!Rebecca Hubanks's photo.

Jacqueline: Taking my daughter to the beach for the first time. I thought she would be scared of the waves, but once we got there she crawled straight towards the ocean!Jacqueline Simmons's photo.

Kate: My daughter’s Mary Alice’s baptism! I am loving every minute snuggling with her!Kate Thompson Eschbach's photo.

Kim: We just returned from San Diego and I loved seeing our little man watch his brother and sister in the ocean. He has a very independent spirit and definitely wants to be a big boy!Kim Cole's photo.

Amy:  This summer we piggy-backed two trips and started off in Yuma for my son’s all-star baseball tournament on our way to the beach in CA. Our hotel backed to the Colorado River and our whole family enjoyed swimming to CA and back in the river. Amy Troxell's photo.

Janet: We took a day trip to the Tonto Natural Bridge and hiked down to the bottom of the waterfall with our three-year old. It was his first real hike, not being toted around a baby backpack carrier. He loved seeing the waterfall and carried his sword the whole way, you know, in case we encountered any dinosaurs on the trail.Janet Berry Johnson's photo.

Jessica: Taking our boys to see the ocean for the first time! They were not big fans of the water, but loved building (and then smashing) sand castles and making sure I had plenty of sand in my hair for the entire week.Jessica Lynn Becker's photo.

Beth: During our trip to LA, we went to the California Science Center to see the space shuttle Endeavour. The space shuttle was huge and filled an entire building! My five-year-old has been interested in science and space, so it was fun to see this amazing piece of history with her.Beth Hodus Grady's photo.

Angela: We spent two relaxing weeks in California at the beach. The kids actually played so well together. It was endless looping of swimming, hiking, playing games & napping.Angela L. Barako's photo.

Monika: Our trip to Mexico was so much fun. Kids tried snorkeling for the first time – I was amazed they actually could do it!Monika Paranjape Patel's photo.


Lindsay: First time water slide ride. Lindsay Alvey's photo.

Marina: Hawaii – loving life with surf and great summer reads on the beach.

Marina Alkidas Tebben's photo.

Paige: Our short, but sweet trip to the California coastline.Paige Rangel's photo.


What was your favorite summertime memory in 2015? Please share in the comments! 

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