Three Guidelines for Making the Most of Teacher Appreciation Week 


The first full week in May is National Teacher Appreciation Week. As a former classroom teacher and a current private educator, this celebrated week is especially near and dear to my heart. Now, as a mom, this week has taken on an entirely new meaning. I now understand the role that teachers play in building my children’s confidence, self-perception and their potential to have a lifelong impact. 

I am sure many would agree, one week out of the year is not enough to truly express the appreciation that teachers deserve.  However, as a busy mom and business owner, this time of year seems to be extra packed with school concerts, field trips, birthday parties, graduations, Mother’s Day, and all the end-of-the-year festivities. This week often sneaks up on me and I neglect to thoughtfully plan out ways I can express my true appreciation for those I entrust my children to. As you plan out your May, here are three gift ideas for making this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week easy and meaningful.

Three Guidelines for Making the Most of Teacher Appreciation Week

  1. Make it thoughtful

As a teacher, if I could ask for any gift, it would be the gift of time. Well, as a parent, I cannot just order TIME off of Amazon. As a human who has chosen education as a career path, there is a gift that I HAVE received that did not take a lot of time or cost a lot of money, a handwritten note. Get out your favorite colored pen and that cute stationery and write a note.  Tell the teacher the specific ways that they have positively impacted your child. I know it takes a little bit of time and energy, both of which are extra hard to come by in the month of May, but from one teacher to you, take the time to handwrite a thoughtful note that expresses the specific things that you appreciate about your teacher’s teaching style and the specific ways that teacher has made a difference in the life of your child. It doesn’t have to be a long note, it just needs to be specific. Tuck it in an envelope with a Visa gift card and know your child’s teacher will undoubtedly be encouraged.

  1. Make it creative

Yes, this means you should not give a candle or anything from Bath and Body Works. One of my favorite ways to find unique, yet thoughtful gifts is a trip to a local boutique. In Scottsdale, I would recommend stopping by Urbana, Kidstop, Alexandra Blue, Divalicious, or one of the many other wonderful shops. Scottsdale is filled with fun local boutiques that teachers often don’t have time to go to. While we can all agree that Target is an amazing one-stop shop, there are so many more unique places to find creative gifts for your favorite teacher. As a side note, I do make a point each year to have personal conversations with each of my children’s teachers. Getting creative is much easier when you really know the person you are shopping for. 

  1. Make It Fun

Spoken from experience, teachers are truly a different group of people. I say that in the most positive way. When I want to give gifts to teachers, I do look for fun ways to alleviate some of their stress. I would suggest giving them the gift of an hour with a professional organizer, a professional interior decorator, gifting them with onsite car detailing, or even giving the gift of a one time house cleaner. All of these are different, yet fun ways to show your teacher how much you appreciate the time and the effort that they put into loving your child. None of these fun ideas have to break the bank, but they have the potential to truly provide a stress-break for your favorite teachers.

No matter how much time or money you have to be able to spend on your child’s teacher, make sure the efforts you put forth are thoughtful, creative, and fun. And if none of these ideas resonate with you for teacher appreciation, consider a gift that costs no money: the gift of truly taking to heart the recommendations that your teacher provides for your child. Respond to the thoughtful insight your teacher provides about your child. It always meant so much to me when a parent would respond to a concern that I voiced because it showed me how much they trusted me. For example, if your teacher has expressed that your child may benefit from some summer academic support, Advantage Tutoring would love to help. We have made it our mission to partner with Valley teachers by continuing their efforts in the classroom, rather than presenting our own programs. We will work closely with your child’s teacher to best understand what that teacher recommends for your child and can create a custom summer program for your child. What better gift to give a teacher than to continue the educational support of your child throughout the summer, so when fall rolls around, your child is confident and excited about the start of a new school year!