Jessi Dall

A little girl, smiling in front of a chalkboard that says 'I love my teacher'

Three Guidelines for Making the Most of Teacher Appreciation Week 

The first full week in May is National Teacher Appreciation Week. As a former classroom teacher and a current private educator, this celebrated week is especially near and dear to my heart. Now, as...

3 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher

First quarter is over and parent teacher conferences are in full-swing.  I don’t know about you, but attending a conference can be quite stressful. Following years of limited interactions with my child’s teachers, I'm...

Three Ways to Help Your Child Manage their School Schedule

After the time in lockdown, no one seems to be disappointed that we are back to the craziness of the school year schedule. However, the early morning wake-ups, busy school days, increasing homework loads,...

Three Secrets to Improving Your Child’s Focus

After the last year, when many students spent the majority of their educational hours in front of a screen, this upcoming school year presents many new and often unfamiliar distractions. Not long ago, reigning...
summer slide

Three Ways to Stop the Summer Slide

Summer sliding may just make you think of waterparks and backyard slip-n-slides, but the “summer slide” I’m referring to is about your child’s success in the classroom.  In a recent study, it was proven...
right school

How to Choose the Right School For Your Child

As the end of another school year approaches (a less than ideal one at that) many are exploring new options for next year.  But where to begin?  With over 200 private and charter schools,...
teacher mom

Confessions of a Teacher Mom

I have dedicated my life to educating children. I received my degree in elementary education. I taught three different grades throughout my years as a classroom teacher. Since I started student teaching, I have...
love learning

Three Ways to Help Your Child LOVE Learning

Candy hearts, valentines, spelling tests! of these things doesn’t belong!  A love of learning may not be your initial thought when it comes to the Valentine’s season, but what better timing to...