Scorpion Sting Sent us to the ER


UGH! I never wanted to write this blog, which is actually a part two to a previous blog I wrote for SMB about scorpions -what to do if your child is stung. You can read that step by step HERE.  

scorpion stingBecause of THAT blog and the research I did, I was not AS panicked as I could have been when we ended up in the ER after a my second son was stung and had a reaction.

Duke was just shy of his second birthday when he followed my husband out into the garage and stepped right onto a scorpion. He screamed, I screamed, my husband called poison control. For the first half hour, he was fine. Just kept saying “ouchie” and pointing to his feet. At this point we really thought he was fine (when our first son was stung he did not have a reaction.) Poison control was our guide (1- 800-222-1222) PUT IT IN YOUR PHONE!

They continuously called asking for updates. A short time later he started crying and wouldn’t stop, he started spitting, which I thought was because he was crying so hard. He couldn’t lay still. I tried getting him to just go to bed but he was way too antsy. As time went on I’d describe it as thrashing, (some described it as seizure.) Poison control told us to head to the ER. They called ahead to make sure the hospital was stocked with the anti-venom and told them we were coming.

I held Duke the whole way as he couldn’t control his movements; he had super strength. Car seat was not an option. The hospital staff had us in a room within seconds. Each nurse we met was cool as a cucumber as they’ve seen this a million times, this helped ease my nerves as my baby was screaming bloody murder. When the doc came in, Dukes eyes had started twitching. He told us on a scale of one to four, Duke was a four and he could soon not be able to control his breathing/ swallowing. That being the worst case, the doctor assured me they were prepare to handle that. He said he wanted to mix up the anti-venom and start an IV right away, but by law had to tell us the cost and some insurance won’t cover it. (20k a dose and he may need up to 4 doses, the insurance side is a whole other story.)

The other choice (which really wasn’t a choice) was incubation in the ICU until the poison ran its course. Our pediatrician later told me this was the ONLY choice before the anti-venom was invented. Of course we didn’t hesitate and could care less about the cost, so they mixed up the anti-venom (which takes 15 minutes) and during that time they had to find a vein(super hard on a thrashing, sweating, super strength baby.)

The anti-venom takes an hour to go in once the IV is started. My husband had to hold Duke down for the first 1/2 hour until the thrashing stopped. Right at the half hour mark it was like my baby was back. He was super sleepy and I jumped in and just rocked him for the last half hour of the IV. Luckily we only needed one dose of the anti-venom.

After a long night in the ER, (our 4 year old passed out in the chair) we were able to go home. Since that night, we sprayed, we use lavender oil on the baseboards, I make him wear slippers, and I laid down glue traps. We’ve done it all to try and prevent this from happening again, but the bottom line is- it’s their desert too. And God forbid if he got stung again- get this, he MAY NOT have a reaction- the doc said it depends where he was stung, the size of him and the size of the scorpion.

I share this (and the other blog) so you are armed with the knowledge and are prepared for the worst case situation. I hope my story helps a panicked parent stay calm! 

Read more helpful info on scorpions HERE and HERE


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