The Gifts a New Mom REALLY Needs {Expensive, cheap and free}


new mom giftThere is no shortage of lists on the internet for all things mom related, including lists of what to buy as a new mom gift. Well, I am going to keep this simple for you, after having three kids of my own, these are the top three items that EVERY new mom would love to have, items that will actually be used, and most importantly – will actually make that new mom’s life EASIER. 

Expensive Option: Robot Vacuum

Kids make messes. All the time. Every day. Whether this mom is a first time mom or a fourth time mom, a robot vacuum will be her life saver. These magic, round beauties automatically roam around your floors, underneath couches and through table legs, sweeping up every little crumb and crayon. Mine even captures those pesky little LEGO pieces left all over the place. If one of these is in your budget (they range from about $150-$350) I promise it will make any mom’s day. 

Inexpensive Option: Small Camp Light 

It may seem strange. When my friend gave me one of these at my baby shower six years ago, I thought the same. But she was right, I used this all the time and buy it for almost every other baby shower I go to. This lamp gives off the perfect amount of soft light and is portable. When the baby was sleeping in our room, I could turn it on to feed, change or check on him without a bright light fully waking him up. When my baby moved to his own room, I’d turn this light on so I could see my way to his room – and again, feed and change him with a soft glow. My kids use it now for a night light sometimes, so even six years later it is still being used! (And I love the $9.99 price tag!) 

Free Option: Homemade Coupon Book  

Remember those homemade coupon books you made for your parents as a kid, good for one free hug?? Break out your craft supplies, because new moms want one of these too. You may not have any money to spend, but maybe you have time to give, and that is many times even better for a new mom. Make her some coupons good for a hour of babysitting, doing laundry, cleaning the house, a 3 am phone call, or maybe just hanging out so she has someone to talk to. The beauty of this is you can customize it to what you are comfortable doing, anything and everything helps when someone is a new mom!