A Milestone Birthday to Remember


milestone birthday

This summer I celebrate a milestone birthday. Ironically, my closest crew (my college crew) all have spring/summer birthdays so needless to say, it has been pretty busy around here celebrating each one of US.

Our personalities shine by each of our plans, blow out party, intimate dinner, staycation, wine tasting, and beach luau. (Vegas WAS in the mix but I don’t know if we have the energy for THAT anymore.)

As I book plans and make arrangements to celebrate US all in different ways, I’ve realized one thing, twenty plus years of friendship and nothing has really changed. Sure there have been marriages, divorces, heartache, heartbreak, babies, moves, and death…major life changing moments, but OUR crew… US…when we are together nothing has changed. We are still the same girls who the minute we see each other hug like we haven’t seen each other in ages, burst into laughter, talk about anything and everything, are brutally honest, throw down a dance party in any setting, share intimate “to the grave” secrets, and can reminisce about the most ridiculous things without ANY judgement. WE are a force to be reckoned with when together.

Yes, we are turning the big 4-0 BUT together we can still act 18 years old. We’ve grown up together, I am extremely proud of the mothers and businesswomen these “girls” have become. So as we all take another trip around the sun, we are embracing this milestone with smiles SO BIG our face hurt and giggles SO STRONG our bellies ache. Most importantly we’ve made it this far, TOGETHER. Because it’s really not WHAT I am doing for my birthday, it’s WHO I am with.