My new FAVORITE monthly visitor! {Stitch Fix!}


Local mom, Jenny Castle, shares her newest obsession. Jenny is the mother of three beautiful children and keeps herself busy with PTSA, catching up with friends in the carpool line, and driving her children to endless after-school activities. Thank you Jenny Castle for guest writing for SMB!


It is that time of month again. The time of month right before the “surprise” arrives.   My personality changes, I become moody, anxious and forgetful, all in anticipation of its arrival. The countdown begins, 3 days till……2 days till….and then it is here….the BIG DAY!

That’s right my monthly Stitch Fix has arrived!

(What were you thinking?) The pretty brown box with the blue spot logo waits on my doorstep as the biggest smile graces my face. I hurriedly set one kid in front of a TV with yogurt, set another up with a puzzle, and the oldest….well she can figure out how to entertain herself, I need maybe 20 minutes alone with my box of goodies!

This is my newest obsession!  Stitch Fix is a website that allows a personal shopper to choose 5 items for you monthly. When you sign up a lengthy questionnaire must be completed….but it is a fun process figuring out if I am Boho Chic, Edgy, Preppy, Classic…..or a mix of it all! With my many personalities…hands-down I am a mix! Then it is $20 a month for a styling fee. The five items are reasonably priced from $35- $90 per piece. You can get anything from shirts, dresses, skirts, jeans, formal wear, and accessories! YOU choose what you want…..and then your “Stylist” is assigned! 

When you get your box you get to try everything on and have fun. There are some looks that works and others that don’t…but that is the great thing. You only choose what you want. If you choose all 5 pieces you will get your jcclothesmonthly $20 styling fee applied towards your purchase and 25% off! If you choose 1-4 items….you get the $20 styling fee applied towards your purchase. Of course if you have zero luck….then you are out the $20 styling fee. So far this has not happened to me……I have always found 2 or more items I am trending with and decide to buy! Then (in the provided paid for return envelope) put the items you do not want and return to post office within 3 days to return. It is super easy!

I also take advantage of the comment section of each item and explain why I did not like the item. My stylist; Alex, always accompanies my package with a typed note showing they have read my comments and how they are working to get the perfect items to me. At checkout you also have the option of choosing less frequent deliveries….so if monthly deliveries are too much…you can change it!

I love this site so much I just had to share! It allows me to be pampered by a personalized shopper every month, gives me something to look forward too, and puts me in a great mood! At first my husband was against having a monthly fee on the credit card….but when I am happy….HE is happy! Enough said!  Stitch Fix is a monthly mood enhancer and my hubby will do anything to keep my moods stabilized!

And just so you know, Jenny did not recieve any financial compensation or goods in exchange for writing this peice. She is just (clearly!) super excited about Stitch Fix and wanted to share her find with all of us!


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