Keep Calm; It’s Only Three Months {Summer Activities for kids to help you survive!}



Keep Calm

It’s HERE!

The kids are out of school!

What in the world are we going to do to keep our kids entertained all summer long?

Am I the only one wondering where this year went? I wanted to clean out the closets, organize a year’s worth of photos, clean out my daughter’s clothes before summer break, but now, here it is! ACK!

A veil of anxiety has draped over me knowing that I will have my daughter non-stop for next three months. I enlisted the help of some of the local camps, but that only buys me a couple weeks of freedom, what about the other several weeks?

Okay, I will admit I have it easy because I only have one child and she is four, but nonetheless, I am stressed about how I am going to entertain her all summer. Aren’t you?

I am writing this to vent my anxiety and to normalize this fear with you about our upcoming summer months. So, you might see me at the water parks, pools or at the open gyms every week and if that isn’t enough the splash pads are one of my go-to’s! And when you see a fellow mommy at the same splash pad for the second time in one week, maybe a gentle smile would be in order, because we are all in the together and we will get through it!

Here are a couple of my favorite activities we partake in during the summer months:


1. Local Water Parks

My daughter and I like to visit the water park. Last summer she was three and I was amazed how she could do so many slides and rides. One of our favorites is Wet ‘n’ Wild. We get their season pass because their individual tickets can be pricy and season pass is paid for after two visits. So much fun!

 2. Gymnastics Open Gym

Most of the gyms around the valley have open gym hours and most of the time you don’t already have to be currently enrolled in classes. Our favorite one is Scottsdale Gymnastics.



3. Indoor Jump Gyms

Another indoor fun place is our local jump gyms. We love Pump It Up and The Play Factory. One of my favorite summer activities for kids!




4. Local Museums and Science Center

My daughter loves going to the Phoenix Childrens Museum and Arizona Science Center. These are great day activities and educational too.



5. Make Meaning Events and Classes

At the Scottsdale Quarter we love to go to Make Meaning. They have events and classes that are a lot of fun and you can make a day of it and grab lunch and play in the splash pad.

And for even more great ideas like these, be sure to sign up for our FREE Guide to Surviving Summer HERE! This is a must-have for every Scottsdale Mom!