Why I Love November in Arizona


November in Arizona

Its November, and finally less the 100º outside in Arizona. This is my favorite time of year, and not just because of all the upcoming holidays. Here are some of my favorite parts about November in Arizona.

  1. We can go to the play ground after 7am, OR in the afternoon, pretty much anytime of day. My daughter has been begging to ride her bike all summer, and most days its just too hot to go out during our free time in the afternoons. I love this time of year when I can say “yes, lets go!”
  2. coffee-at-the-parkDrinking hot coffee! During the summer I’m strictly an iced (or cold brew) coffee drinker. I know some people drink hot coffee all the time, but when I’m already overheated, the last thing on my mind is a hot drink. All the seasonal coffee drinks are released, and its finally cool enough to drink hot lattes! Plus I can take my coffee to the park, and enjoy a moment while my little one plays.
  3. Getting in the car is less of a struggle when the 4 year old isn’t terrified of the super hot car seat. When it is over 100º outside, and even hotter inside the car, that car seat heats up quickly. Its so much easier to run errands when my small companion happily gets herself in and out of the car. She even helps with the buckles, since she doesn’t fear the hot metal.
  4. Skinny jeans, denim in general really. My entire summer wardrobe is based on light, breathable fabrics. I feel almost dressed up when I put on my full length, dark denim jeans. In another month when I can wear sweaters, boots, and scarves I’ll really feel dressed up.
  5. I can run outside again. I’m not a huge fan of treadmills. When it gets hot outside I tend to stop running. I keep up with my other indoor workouts, weight lifting, and Barre3 classes, but I just can’t bring myself to jump on the treadmill. As soon as the temperature drops I start to dream of running again. The timing works out, I can start training for a few 5ks in December, and build up my stamina to run some longer events in the spring. I may love to race, but I am not cut out to train in the Arizona summers.

I sometimes feel jealous of people that live in areas with mild summers, and picturesque falls with leaves that change colors. But our Novembers make up for it.

What are you excited to do now that its November?


  1. And I will add- having the neighbors come out again! I feel like we hibernate all summer and now I’m getting a chance to catch up with everyone now that we are all outside with the kiddos again.

    Thank you for giving me a more positive approach to our sixth month of summer 🙂 It’s been wearing on me and this was just what I needed today to remind me why it is good to be here!
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