Let’s Keep Things Light: 3 Tips to Bring Natural Lighting Into Your Home


There’s nothing more inviting than a room flooded with natural light. However, this isn’t a reality for many homeowners. While some people are blessed with floor-to-ceiling windows and walls of light, many people have rooms with smaller, more modest windows…and may even have no windows at all.

But this does not mean that you have to sit in the dark. In fact, there are a ton of creative ways to bring in some natural light to your home. In this post, we’ll be giving you three easy ways to brighten up your space and–in turn–your life!

1. Hang mirrors on your walls

To brighten up your space in one simple space, simply add a mirror near your room’s light source for an easy fix. Not only will this bring in some much-needed light, but they can also be a great accent piece for decorating. Depending on your style, you can opt for a simple and understated mirror or a more fun, funky, and unique piece to add some interest. Regardless of your mirror choice, hanging one facing your window, door, skylight, or any other natural light source will brighten your space instantly.

2. Paint your walls a light color

To make your space seem brighter and bigger, painting your walls to be a light and bright color is a great idea. Colors like a pastel blue, white, bright beige, or any other fresh neutral will already bring light into your space. Similarly, try to stay away from darker colors, neons, muted neutrals, or any other saturated colors as these can make your space feel darker and smaller.

3. Invest in ambient lighting

Finally, getting creative with lighting can brighten up any space. This could be anything from trendy and warm fairy lights, electric candles, or even fun lamps. Placing these light sources in dark corners and areas further away from natural light can bring in an ambient brightness to your space. So, get creative and find ways to brighten up all of the dark spots in your space!

Whether you’ve been blessed with big windows or are struggling with a lack of natural light, keeping your space light and bright can only benefit your home’s appearance and your well-being. For more tips and tricks for brightening your space, pore over the infographic below for a run-down of lighting tips.