Jabz Boxing Fitness for Women

This post is sponsored by Jabz boxing, we hope you will give them a try!

As a busy mom of 4 and business owner, I sought an intimate gym atmosphere that afforded me a great work out before carpool, work, and life began vying for my time.

I needed a gym that gave me an amazing workout without the hassle of difficult equipment and elements that came with big box gyms. No make-up, no problem. I was competing with no one, but myself. With the target audience of Women Only, I felt free to be me.

jabz boxing

That’s when I found Jabz Boxing Fitness for Women, a 45-minute circuit workout that combines cardio, strength training, plyometrics, and boxing training exercises that are functional and fun for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

With high impact music of all your favorite songs, it’s the fastest 45 minutes of my day. Your body is constantly challenged with 16 different workout stations that change daily.

Weight loss and toned muscles had been my goal. And while my body measurements shrunk and my jeans fit better, something else occurred.

I felt strong. I felt empowered. I was boxing. In a ring.

Holding planks and rocking lunges, lifting weights and kickboxing, all the while, encouraged by Jabz leaders, cheering me on.

Instead of consuming myself with the clock, I found myself shocked that class was over. 45 minutes flew by so quickly.

With 14 locations in the Valley: including Chandler, Mesa, Peoria, Tempe, Phoenix, Glendale and 3 in Scottsdale (plus a new one opening soon), there’s a location near you.

Classes start at 5,6,7,8 and 9am, and evening classes at 4:30pm, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm, fitting your ever-changing schedule.(see times on website for specific location)

From nutrition and stretching classes to creating meal plans, this female-friendly gym offers tips to encourage health and vitality.

Co-Owners Kimberlee White and Len Hayko White wanted to not only provide a unique gym experience, but have their franchise give back to the community by partnering with local charities to raise funds.

This year they partnered with Phoenix Children’s Hospital to raise money for Heart Effect, to help children born with heart disease. In previous years, they’ve partnered with charities for Breast Cancer and Childhood Cancer.

If you’re looking for a change of pace from all the bigger gyms, Jabz could be your new home. They’re offering a Special Promo $34 for your 1st month, with unlimited workouts. Download their Jabz app and join today. Here’s to Kickboxing your way to a new you.


  1. This sounds fantastic. I’ve always wanted to check out a boxing gym, but like you said, there was some serious intimidation happening. Thanks for sharing this, it definitely takes the edge off. Looking forward to maybe finally giving this a try.

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