Celebrate Grandparents’ Day

grandparents' day

Grandparents’ Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day. This year, it falls on Sunday, September 11. Whether your child’s grandparents live down the street or around the globe, it’s nice to show them how much they mean to your family in a special way.

Whether a gift is necessary or not depends on you and your family. Before you decide what you’ll do, consider what would be the most meaningful to the grandparents in your life. Here are a few ideas to show them how much you care.

celebrate grandparents' day

Make a Grandparents’ Day Gift

From handprint cards to a silly poem written by your child, handmade gifts are the sweetest. Anyone who’s raised a child knows how much time and effort goes into creating something with kids. Here are a few DIY Grandparents Day gift ideas:

  • LOVE artLet your child paint the canvas whatever color their grandparents would like, then add hand and foot prints to personalize the gift.
  • I love you because… Kids say the funniest things. Take a few minutes to ask your kids what they love about their grandparents and fill out this pre-made template. You could frame this with a photo or drawing of your child and their grandparents, too.
  • Bake cookies. Or cake, or pie, or whatever your child’s grandparents would appreciate the most. If the grandparents in your life are known for always having the best treats on hand, surprise them with a treat they love.

Plan a Special Day

Think back to your child’s last birthday party… Were you dreading the gift part because you already have too much stuff at your house? Grandparents have had a lifetime to accumulate precious treasures. Some grandparents might prefer spending the day with your children, rather than adding something to their collection. Whether you treat them to a special brunch or plan a fun activity, quality time is priceless.

If the grandparents in your life are far away, a creative video chat can be made extra memorable, too. Consider having your child read their grandparents a special book or a note they wrote.

Purchase a Sentimental or Silly Gift

If the grandparents in your life appreciate having something to open on their special day, consider buying them one of the gifts in our Gifts for Grandparents Shopping Guide. Whether they like funny t-shirts or sentimental picture frames, there’s something for everyone. Some of the products could make a great pregnancy announcement gift, too!

Celebrate Grandparents’ Day

It’s easy to start to feel overwhelmed by all the special days – Valentine’s Day, Boss’ Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother’s and Father’s Days, and so many more. At the end of the day, we all want to feel appreciated by the people we love. Grandparents are no exception. Start a new tradition and celebrate Grandparents Day in a way that’s meaningful to your family.

Whether your family likes making a personalized gift, sharing an experience together, or giving a purchased gift, the most important part of Grandparents’ Day is letting the ones you love know how important they are in your lives.