Don’t Let Summer Interfere with your Exercise Routine


The kids are home from school and it is easy to use them as an excuse as to why you’re not exercising. Let’s face it – there are so many reasons why we avoid it: not enough time, too much to do, lack of child care or too tired to muster the energy to hit the gym. But don’t let summer interfere with your exercise routine. Here are 8 ways to stay fit while you are also managing the kids at home or at summer camp:

1. Wake up early and squeeze in time for exercise: I know it feels like a drag sometimes to carve out time to exercise in the morning, but you’ll feel a sense of relief when you aren’t trying to squeeze it in at the end of the day. Whether it’s a morning run, a gym class or a workout in your home – make time to move your body.

2. Prepare the night before: Lay out your gym clothes the night before and any other essential gear – watch, headphones, tennis shoes and a cap – as a way to offer a visual sign to remind you to workout during the day. It’s hard to come up with excuses when you are prepared!

3. Write it down: Chances are if you write it down on your calendar or you enter it into your phone – you treat exercise like a commitment and therefore you’re likely to follow-through.

4. Be an active watcher: If you’re catching a favorite TV show at home, workout while you watch. Do yoga, run in place, participate in a barbell or kettle bell routine or do some sit-ups. This kind of multi-tasking helps keep you healthy.

5. Get your kids involved in your exercise routine: Your kids can help you exercise. If you have older children, involve them in your yoga routine, take a brisk walk in the neighborhood or ride bikes down the street. Younger kids might love to ride along in a stroller or enjoy a mommy and me or daddy and me swimming class.

6. Take advantage of childcare: Don’t feel bad if you need to hire a babysitter to make time for exercise. The other alternative is to enroll at a gym or class that offers on-site childcare.

7. Find an accountability partner: Connect with a parent or friend on how you will maintain your exercise routine during the summer. Use texts, emails and phone calls to keep you and your buddy accountable.

8. Use your lunch hour to workout: If you are at work and don’t have the luxury of time at your fingertips, commit to exercising during your lunch hour. Find what works for you and even if it’s only a twenty minute workout, make time for it.

What are your tips for staying fit during the summer?