Why I DON’T Let My Little Girl Watch Miley Cyrus




While sitting on our living room couch, my daughter suddenly says,

“Mom, look at me. I’m Miley Cyrus!”

I looked over to my beautiful little girl, shining her teeth in a weird smile, face smashed together and her hands in some crooked fashion. I cringed, not really wanting to know the answer but asked, “What sort of face are you trying to do sweetheart?” She said, “See mom, I have gold teeth!” and flashed that weird squished-up-smile again. I cringed inside and thought to myself that my then three-year-old daughter just threw up some sort of hand-signs and flashed me her pretend gold-teeth. Oh-My-Goodness!

Let me rewind a few weeks before this picture was taken and clear up a bit regarding how my daughter might have learned such face gestures.

As a family, we do a lot of dance parties. One night I was busy trying to get dinner prepared, s0 I let my daughter deejay on the iPad.  I was cutting, chopping and sautéing, and finally noticed I just listened to the same Miley Cyrus song for a third time. I looked up to see what video she was watching.

At that exact moment I had an “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe she’s been watching THIS video” moment and walked over to change the channel as fast as I could.  Feeling like “Mother of The Year”,  I quickly turned on some Fresh Beat Band and prayed that the images of Miley would swiftly wash away in her memory. So many thoughts flooded my mind: What was I thinking? How did I step away from my daughter so long while cooking dinner? She must not have absorbed any of those naked-ish images (twerking) or suggested graphics… right? 

An hour went by and no signs of Miley, so I assumed I was free and clear!

Oh no….fast forward to the above photo. The storm of Miley and my lack of parenting came slapping my face!

So after explaining to my daughter why some people wear gold teeth (I have no idea btw, completely made up a lie) and what the hand gestures mean (which I again lied and said was just another way of saying “hi”), I have officially decided that my little girl is NOT allowed to watch Miley Cyrus and most other videos on the top 20 charts.

From now on, I am in full control of the remote, the iPad and our family dance nights!