The day I lost my phone!


Ok, this is probably going to cause a few eye rolls, BUT I have a feeling if it happened to you, you would feel the same desperation I did!

I went to the grocery store while my husband watched our daughter. Normally, I would carry a diaper bag with my wallet and phone but I chose to leave that behind and just hand carry what I needed. I purchased all of my groceries and stopped at two different desks to ask for change. At some point I set my phone down, along with all of the groceries and forgot to grab it before walking out. Once I got to my car I realized it wasn’t with me and ran inside. I retraced all of my steps and could not find it anywhere and it wasn’t turned in yet. My heart literally sank.

lost my phoneOn my way home all I could think about was how my daughters entire life was on that phone! Pictures from the day she was born, every mile stone, videos of all the new things she would learn, everything was saved to that phone. I also communicate with my long distance family on a daily basis and knew I would be MIA for a day or two. Did I also mention how incredibly expensive they are to replace even with insurance? During that time I felt like I just lost my life!

After about 30 minutes of pure panic, and a million other emotions, the store called my husband and found my phone (Amen).

I know these days that people are to involved in their phones but reality is, they are with us 24/7, we don’t use video recorders or really carry cameras anymore so in a way our phones have become our life line.

Needless to say I have learned a few lessons from this moment and just in case this happens to you, here are a few things you can do to insure you keep your pictures saved.

iCloud/google pics/Shutterfly etc.- iPhone usually automatically backups all of your pictures and videos. Double check that your phone is registered, especially if you have recently upgraded. Also, google pics, and shutter fly are a few APPs you can purchase that will automatically back up your pictures and videos and make them accessible from any electronic device.

Turn on find my phone or location– If these are on you can actually sign into your iCloud from a computer to find your phones location.

Find friends– you can have your significant other, family or friend, turn on their find my phone, along with yours so that they can also ping your location of the phone.

Phone insurance– I mentioned above that it is still pretty expensive to replace your phone with insurance BUT it still saves you a couple hundred dollars! You can buy insurance through your phone carrier.