Contributor Corner | Best Gifts for a New Baby!


For this month’s contributor corner question, we’re looking back (for some of us, WAY BACK!) to when we each had our first baby and wondering what really were the best gifts for a new baby.

“What was your favorite baby shower gift or new baby gift you received?”

Angela:  My favorite baby gift was a basket filled with baby shampoo, body wash, lotions, diaper cream, teething gels, medicines, and all the other assorted baby products that you don’t think you will ever need. This basket of goods kept me in supply for a long time. And every time I didn’t have to run out to Babies R Us with newborn twins, I was thankful for receiving all of the miscellaneous products. 

Jenn HeadshotJenn: My favorite items where the boppy and a few other practical things like breast feeding supplies. My all time favorite was the Itzbeen -maybe there is an app for it now but this monitor helped me through all my feedings… Loved!

Kirsten: I received a couple beautiful personalized frames. Since all I did the first few months of being a mom was take millions of pictures of my beautiful new baby, it was great to have some lovely new frames to display around the house. I still have them all (and haven’t changed the photos!)

 Noelle: My standing favorites have been timeless books with a heartfelt inscription written in the cover, and handmade blankets that have become lifelong treasures. I know both aren’t super practical but I’m on the sentimental end of things-holding onto any shred of baby left in my home.

Kelley Morrison HeadshotKelley: My favorite were 8+ handmade dresses made by my Aunt Jennifer for each growth phase and different season, matched with hair accessories! I’m a sucker for sentimental gifts!

mp picMonika: The baby book! (to record information and put pictures in — I always forgot toadd that on the registry andthere was so much to fill in before the baby was even born (such as “about mom” “about dad”, “world happenings” etc. One friend also brought a whole bag of brand-new infant onesies just freshly washed and folded. How nice to just put in the drawer versus wash everything and then put away!

DSC_0014Rudri: My favorite gift was a keepsake wooden block with my daughter’s initial, time and date of her birth, proud parents name on one side, and her measurements on the other. I smile every time I see it.




  1. With two showers you can only imagine all the wonderful items we received. But, the sound machine, my girlfriend gave us, takes the cake. We use it every night for bedtime. As we were first time parents, we hadn’t registered for one. Thank goodness for other thoughtful Mommies.

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