Avocado Hack (Removing the Pit Without Losing a Finger)


Honestly one of the things getting me through this quarantine, stay-at-home, socially distancing time is a healthy supply of avocado toast. I really do love avocado toast and I have a million ways to make it, but that post will have to be another day.

Today I am going to teach you my hack for taking out the avocado pit without slicing off a finger or cutting through my hand. Eeek! It can be very dangerous opening an avocado. I can’t believe it took a pandemic to come up with this hack. I have almost cut myself countless times chopping away at the avocado pit. Really, what could be worse than a broken, crumbling avocado pit. By the time you get it all out, half the delicious avocado meat is stuck to the pit and thrown away. What a waste of a perfectly good avocado! 

So here is my trick (and I included a little video below):

  1. First cut the avocado in half, around the pit
  2. Using a small pairing knife or a skewer stick, stab the pit through the back of the avocado, popping the pit directly in the trash can.
  3. A metal or wood skewer both work.
  4. Voila! No more pit!
  5. Slice and squeeze the tasty avocado meat directly into a bowl for all your avocado toast and guacamole needs. 
  6. If using a knife, point the blade away from the hand holding the avocado! We are trying to avoid trips to the hospital right now.

Right now my favorite avocado toast is avocado mixed with salt, pepper, squeeze of lemon, topped with Sweet & Spicy Jalapenos and Everything but the Bagel Seasoning (both from Trader Joe’s). Yum!

You can also find Jennie’s Summer recipe for Broccoli Avocado Soup here

Do you have a good avocado hack or any other great kitchen hacks we should know about? Comment below!