New Mom SOS: Activities with your Newborn



Welcome to Motherhood! It is an exciting, overwhelming and love-filled stage of life. Enjoy your time with your newborn, get lots of snuggles and relaxing in while they are still little (and immobile). Though the days can get long, try to enjoy this time alone with your little one and remember that it really does go fast, don’t feel bad spending lots of time at home recovering and getting to know your new baby. But…if you are getting a little stir crazy at times and wondering if there is anything you can actually do to get out of the house with a newborn, we are here to help!

Side Note: None of this is sponsored by any of the businesses listed. It’s just a list of places, classes and activities with your newborn that our moms have tried and loved, and want to share with you! 

Free Activities

Park Playdates with Scottsdale Moms Blog: Each month (during the cooler months) we plan a casual playdate at a local park. Even if you have a baby, come join us to meet other moms and enjoy your little one while they’re still strapped to your chest, instead of dumping sand on their friends’ heads. “Like” our Facebook page and look under events!

Baby Swim Classes: Both Hubbard Swim School and Aqua Safe offer free baby swim classes until your little one is around six months old. Get them acclimated to the water and learn safety skills for bringing them into your pool at home.

Scottsdale Public Library: The public libraries (both Scottsdale and Phoenix) offer several baby classes during the week. The classes are free and introduce the children to music, movement and of course…books. Most libraries also have great kid sections with toys and safe places for babies to roll around while you chat with other moms.

Mall Walking: That’s right, mall walking isn’t just for your grandparents. When you need to get out and want to have some easy exercise (especially when the temps hit the triple digits) the mall is a great place to walk, stay cool, and do some window shopping. The malls also have kid areas where you can let the babies crawl around as they get older.

Mommy Playdates: The babies are too little to know what a playdate is, but moms are not. Find another mom friend and invite her over. Even if you both spend the hour sitting on your couch feeding your little ones, at least you are spending time together! You can also meet at Target, the grocery store or the aforementioned mall and just hang out.

Mommy & Me Classes

Mommy and Me Yoga/Barre: Take some time to stretch and feel strong again by taking a yoga or barre class that includes your baby. Classes at Modern Milk have several options to choose from and an adorable mommy/baby boutique if you need any necessary supplies.

Stroller Strides: Keep your baby in their stroller and get a great work out. Stroller strides offers classes at locations all over the valley.

Music Classes: These classes are wonderful for babies. There is lots of interaction with music, instruments, dancing and singing with mommy (don’t worry, no solos). Musicology, Music Together, and Kindermusik and offer classes for babies.

Mom Groups

MOPS: This stand for Mothers of Preschoolers, though it is for mothers with kids of all ages. There are groups all over the valley you can join. They hold monthly meetings to entertain and educate moms while offering childcare for the little ones.

Mothers of McDowell Mountain Ranch: You don’t have to be a resident of the neighborhood to join this group. There are weekly play groups and several parties throughout the year, as well as night outs for moms and dads.

We would like to hear your thoughts and add to the list! How did you spend time with your newborn? What classes and activities did you love? 


  1. This is a great list that is filled with easy to do, close to home, low or no cost ideas for new moms to take advantage of. I like that you suggested baby wearing, as this helps to reduce the normal fears new mothers have about taking their newborns out in public. Isolation is a big problem for new mothers and you have helped with this by putting these ideas out there. I am happy to share this info with my readers.

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