Friday Favorites {Rudri}


RudriPatelHi! I am Rudri.

I’ve lived in the Valley for the past seven years with my husband and my 10-year-old daughter. To make any place home, you definitely need go-to services, products and places you can count on! Here is a list of my faves. I hope you check them out – you never know.  .  . they might make your list too! 


Flower Child: Looking for a good, but fast health conscious place to eat? I adore the variety of foods they offer at this Fox Concept restaurant, everything from tofu wraps, quinoa salads and Japanese eggplant. You don’t feel guilty indulging because the food is made from local, natural ingredients. Everything tastes so fresh. Dine with your favorite gal pals for lunch or grab a healthy dinner after a workout. Their teas and lemonades will also quench your thirst without saddling you with unwanted sugar calories.Friday favorites 2

Changing Hands Bookstore: I am an avid reader and I love to support local bookstores. Changing Hands, located in Phoenix and Tempe, offers a refuge for readers who want the feel of a bookstore that offers a personalized touch. Peruse the aisles for staff recommendations, grab a good book, have a beer at the book bar or attend author talks during the year. This is a great way to enjoy a relaxing Sunday and support our local economy.

PapersourceI adore stationery, journals and inspirational accessories. If you need a gift for a person who has everything, walk into Papersource and you will find unique gifts for your brother or best friend. Mother’s Day is around the corner and this is a fantastic place to shop for a special keepsake for your mom.

Insomnia Cookies: Warm and soft cookies are hard to resist. I discovered Insomnia Cookie stores in New York  this past summer and absolutely fell in love with their oatmeal and raisin cookies. They aren’t local, but the good news is they ship anywhere! A friend recently sent me these cookies and they still retained their freshness and taste even though I didn’t eat them on-site.

Zolton’s Hair Salon: Let’s face it, ladies, when you walk out of a hair salon with a great haircut, you shed that “mom” look and feel like your old self again. I’ve visited Zolton’s Hair Salon since I moved here and love my stylist, Sarah. It is easy to get an appointment, the prices are reasonable and people immediately notice my hair is styled.

Postino’s: Most moms need a girls’ night out every couple of months. Postino’s offers tasty bruschetta, wine and fun people watching. Grab a seat on the patio and enjoy some girl talk with your favorite friends.

Malani World Mercato: For those of you who prefer threading your eyebrows instead of waxing them, there is a place in Paradise Valley Mall called Malani World Mercato, where in a matter of minutes, all of the stray hairs from your eyebrows vanish, giving them a nice shape. I prefer this particular place because the wait is relatively quick and the ladies are experienced so you aren’t wincing in pain every single time a hair is pulled from its roots.


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