MomSEEN – the newest Expectant Mom and Parenting Event in Phoenix


The Metro Phoenix Area is no stranger to “mom events.” In fact our very own Scottsdale Mom’s Blog has its Bloom event coming up soon! But I wanted to spend a minute to highlight an event that is in its inaugural year and focuses more on the unseen challenges of pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting than on gear and/or services. This event is MomSEEN and it’s coming up on Sunday March 24th from 10am to 2pm at Desert Song Healing Arts Center and presented by Matrescence 4th Trimester Planning and Support. 

If you don’t know Matrescence yet, you absolutely should if you’re going to be having a baby. Its founders are Elizabeth Wood and Caitlin Green-Cheney who met years ago at Stroller Strides. They have now banded together and spent hundreds and hundreds of hours learning about all things postpartum. Their 4th Trimester Planning workshop should be a must-do for any expecting mothers, in my opinion, and is one that I recommend to all of my doula clients. 

Well, these ladies have taken things one step further and have created MomSEEN which will be a beautiful collection of talks, movement classes, demonstrations, and even a chance to create your own 4th Trimester Plan. There will be a talk on sleep strategies, a Q&A about tongue and lip ties with one of the leading specialists in our area, Mom and Little Yoga, Song Time, Safe Movement After Baby class and many more! 

More info can be found by visiting their Facebook Event Page or their website and clicking on MomSEEN. Tickets are being pre-sold and the first 100 moms through the gates will be getting an amazing swag bag full of awesome things. 

I’ll be there with my camera capturing all the beautiful mamas and I hope you’ll be joining me!