Nicole Hamic


Why I Love Wardrobe Rental and Why You Should Too!

Here I am again NOT writing about birth or photography or anything that I am actually an expert in, but instead my guilty pleasure, clothes. I love clothes. I love creating my own style and...
stop asking for reasonable

Stop Asking for Reasonable: It’s Offensive

Please stop using the word “reasonable” when looking for a photographer/doula/caterer/florist/literally any small business service…. Hey there y’all! As a local mompreneur who owns her own independent birth photography and birth doula business as well...

My “Girls” are going Wireless, Part 2

Part 2: The bras…. These first two wireless bras were actually the last ones I ordered and I ordered them because I started getting 100,000 FB ads for different bra companies and I’m a sucker...

My Girls are Going Wireless: Search Begins for the Perfect Wireless Bra

My girls are going wireless. I’m not talking technology like phones or iPads, I’m talking about switching to wireless bras! I’m 36 years old, and have two kids under the age of 5. I...
traveling overseas with children

My Top 5 Tips for Traveling Overseas with Small Children

So I’m a travel addict. I have bad Wanderlust. I also have two small children and a job that requires me to plan vacations 10 months in advance (hello, being a doula and birth...

MomSEEN – the newest Expectant Mom and Parenting Event in Phoenix

The Metro Phoenix Area is no stranger to "mom events." In fact our very own Scottsdale Mom's Blog has its Bloom event coming up soon! But I wanted to spend a minute to highlight...

5 Ways to Help Your Toddler Prepare for and Adjust to a New Baby

Yay! You're having another baby! This can be a thoroughly exciting but also emotional and terrifying moment in a parent's life. I will always remember, during my pregnancy with my second child, I had...