Treat Yourself…. Host a Favorite Things Party!


A great way to get together with friends and love ones is to throw a Favorite Things party.  Part white elephant and part show and tell, a Favorite Things event will teach you about new products and let you get to know your friends and colleagues better.

You don’t need to wait around for next year’s winter holiday season.  These parties can be held any time of the year, for a specific occasion or just a reason to have fun.  I have heard some moms hold them for adult birthday parties (everyone gets gifts!).  You can also just chase the new year blues with a mom’s night out and hold one at a wine bar.  Any which way, this is a guaranteed blast!

Host One!

To hold a Favorite Things, first invite your friends. Give directions to each participant to bring two of their favorite things in their life. Set a simple budget – $15, $20, $25, etc. For example, if you have a favorite beauty product like nail polish or facial mask, pick up two types. Have a gadget that makes cooking easier? Grab two. Have you just finished a great book? Pass yours on and order a second…. (You get the idea…)

Presents shouldn’t be wrapped. The surprise is who receives the gift, not what the item is.  Participants should be able to explain why they love this product.

As they arrive, have each participant write their name on two slips of paper. Enjoy drinks, chat, and catch up!

When it’s time, each mom will draw two names and give each of them one of the items. The presenter should take this time to explain why she choose this as her favorite thing. This is a great jumping off point for conversation about other items and trends. 

As a participant, you are guaranteed to leave with two new items to try out, and a list of things you may wish to purchase for yourself or as gifts for your next occasion.

Our Favorites!

Our Scottsdale Moms Blog owners and writers recently participated in a December holiday Favorite Things exchange. Here’s a short list of some of our favorite things:

  1. The Makeup Eraser – take off makeup easily without any special creams or irritants.
  2. Magnolia serving tray
  3. Magnolia Utensil Caddy
  4. Light Up Message boards
  5. Holiday recipe and lifestyle magazines
  6. A kale slicer and gourmet cooking salts

So if you’re in the mood to host a great event, call up your friends and plan a Favorite Things party.