A Tour of Scottsdale Public Art


Whether you’re avoiding public places due to the recent pandemic or it’s just too hot to be outside, a self guided tour of Scottsdale Public Art could be just what you need to change up your routine

The iconic Love statue at the Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza

Did you know there are almost 100 permanent installations around town, ranging from grand statues to beautiful bus stops? Here are five of my favorite spots:

Scottsdale Public Art

1. Impulsion

Impulsion sets the tone at West World. This monumental sculpture is over 20 feet tall and 35 feet wide. Don’t miss it at night when the LED lights illuminate this work of art!

2. Aspire

While you’re near West World, take a spin around the roundabout located near Frank Lloyd Wright and Hayden Blvd. In the center, you’ll see the three acrobats that make up the Aspire statue. These people in flight are a great tribute to the Scottsdale Airpark region of the City. Don’t miss this one at night – the LED lights are spectacular.

3. Earth Wall, Living Wall

As you drive up Thompson Peak Parkway toward the McDowell Mountains, you may notice the interesting handprints along the walls. The Earth Wall, Living Wall is another great example of Scottsdale Public Art. It’s a tribute to the balance of the community (ceramic tile hands) and nature (warm, rammed earth walls).

4. Water Mark

If you can catch Water Mark on a rainy day, you’ll be amazed to see the water flowing from these magnificent horses’ mouths. The five 14-foot tall horses are dramatic and a beautiful nod to the greenbelt.

5. Bronze Horse Fountain

Perhaps the most iconic place in Scottsdale is the Bronze Horse Fountain, located in the 5th Avenue shopping area in Old Town. This is one of the most photographed landmarks in the area. 

2018 art installation at Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza

If you’re looking for somewhere near your house, check out this interactive map (click and scroll down). It lists all of the Scottsdale Public Art by location and you can even click to learn more information about each creation.


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